Alexandra Andersen bio, wiki, facts, net worth, Facebook, Instagram, relationship, and youngest billionaire

The youngest billionaire in the world or a girl born with a Silver spoon in her mouth is Alexandra Andersen. Alexandra was born on 23rd of July 1996 in Oslo, Norway to an industrialist father Johan h. Andersen who is the owner of Fred AS. In 2007 John transferred 42.2% of his ownership to Alexandra and Katharina after which she became the youngest billionaire in the world. Though she belongs to a very sophisticated and well-to-do family, her manners are extremely humble or modest. She follows each and every advice given by her parents including the suggestions they give her. It’s very surprising to know that she used to save most of her pocket money and used only second-hand cars until teenage. Intelligence and entrepreneurship lie in her blood as she is from the family of industrialist or entrepreneur. Her family has a well-established tobacco company Tiedemann which was started over 100 years ago in Norway. 

Short Bio

The Norwegian heiress is a great granddaughter of Johan H. Andersen and Great great granddaughter of Johan Henrik Andersen. Talent and dedication are inherited to her from the legendary descents; she always follows the advice given from parents. Her main focus is now on being one of the greatest horse riders, she discovered riding first as a childhood hobby and later the urge to ride kept growing. At her teen age, she became a passionate rider and thought of finding her future on the same field. Alexandra is three times Junior Norwegian champion of horse dressage riding and currently, she resides in Germany for pursuing her dream career. The passionate horse rider also does part time modeling for Kingsland Equestrian group; she is very close with her family members especially the sister. Her sister Katharina is the second youngest billionaire after Alexandra, the two rich and classy girls love spending time together so they frequently go for a vacation. As her age is small there are more things that will be added in the bio later as she has much to grow and achieve.

Wiki and facts

There are many facts about her that would amaze us but her low key life is the greatest one. The girl who was listed in the Forbes along with her sister tries living a very normal life and wants to enjoy simplicity at its best. It is said that their father transmitted the property so early to them because of some purposes but he says that the sisters would never be forced to join the company at any age. Alexandra in an interview said that money is not the key to every success without your passion and dedication you can’t achieve a single thing, no matter how rich you are. Her wiki gives us the idea that Alexandra is a true believer of simple living and high thinking though, the wealth she has is inevitable.

 Social media and relationship

Everybody has an equal right in social media exposure either rich or poor, though she has a sophisticated life style she loves to share her life events on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. There are nearly 12000 people following her on Facebook while her Instagram account contains nearly 68K persons after her. Moving into her relationship status she is dating a Norwegian cage and martial arts fighter who currently lives in Germany.

Net worth

Alexandra’s estimated net worth is 1.2 billion US dollars which were given by her father but she particularly has no involvement in gathering the sum. This doesn’t mean that she is a non-earner; Alexandra also makes some money by her part time modeling and horse riding. She doesn’t give priority to high-class luxury instead of that her wishes are facing towards the community to work for them and horse riding.

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