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Alexandre de Meyer was born in Viron, France, a graphic designer by profession. There are no details available regarding his early life and childhood years.  He was interested in the world of arts since his early years which led him to choose his career in the same field. He is of French nationality. Furthermore, information about his ethnicity is not available at present. Further looking towards his education we don’t have any information related to his education background.

Biography & Wiki of Alexandre De Meyer

Meyer was initially a graphic designer. Moreover, over the years, he began making T-shirts, postcards, and posters cover artwork. Presently, he owns a printing shop in Chicago. Furthermore, he also has his own website. One of his famous work can be observed in the Michelin Museum.

Meyer received extensive fame due to his relationship with famous actress Danielle Colby. Alexandre also became successful through designing the blueprints of the Michelin Museum in France. He created the logo for his wife’s retro clothing boutique 4 Miles 2 Memphis and now he works for Going Blind a screen print workshop.

Although he is French, Alex uses American film posters and tattoos from the 1960s and 1970s as his inspiration when he creates his art. He really likes the aesthetic and visual art style from those eras. His art style has drawn the attention of clients like musicians and other creative artists.

To complete his work, he uses analog and digital formats which is a result of his great ability to blend both methods.

The relationship status of Alexandre De Meyer & Danielle Colby

Alexandre De Meyer was initially in a relationship with Danielle Colby. Colby is a famous American reality television personality, fashion designer, and burlesque dancer. People mostly recognize her for her role in TV series, ‘American Pickers’.

They met in the year 2011. Eventually, the couple married on February 14, 2015. The wedding was a secret one and there are no details about the ceremony. The pair separated later and Colby is presently in a relationship with Jeremy Scheuch. Meyer is believed to be single. Talking about his recent activities Meyer has successfully kept his life and career away from the mainstream media spotlight, unlike his partner.

Till date, he has not been part of any notable controversies. Furthermore, at present, there are no rumors concerning his life and his French roots but the date and place of his birth are unknown because he has been able to keep details about him away from the public record.

Being an artist has made a secluded person. He only came into the public spotlight because of his previous marriage with Colby. Even during their relationship, he tried to remain in the shadows and never gave interviews about his life.

Growing up, Alexandre always had an athletic body but he didn’t care for sports. Creative outlets like art drew him in. He liked to sport a long beard to add to his artistic physical image. He went to school to study graphic design because he felt that technology was really pushing digital art and he wanted to be at the right place when the wave got stronger.

Children of Alexandre De Meyer

At one point in their marriage, Alexandre helped raise Danielle’s two children from a previous marriage in their Chicago home. They also owned a vacation home in France. Unfortunately, their marriage came to a bitter end but no one knows why because even Danielle has not revealed the reasons for their split.

The net worth of Alexandre De Meyer

His current net worth has not been released. We are furthermore looking at the information officially from the Mayer. We will provide the information related to this topic after we collect all the information from our sources.



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