Amrezy(Amra Olevic) bio, before and after, surgery, teeth, makeup, and fiancé

Who is Amra Olevic?
She is a gorgeous lady who is well known as an Instagram star and has also been involved in fashion and makeup. olevic was Born on 1988-05-28 whereas her birth sign is Gemini with the lucky number 5. She is originally from Montenegro, but later she was grown up in the U.S.A with her parents.

Early life and education

From which family does Amra Olevic belong?

The status of Olivia’s family is not revealed, but due to family issues, she moved from Bosnia to Croatia, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Eventually she settled in New York with her parents.
Being one of the most popular Instagram users, she keeps uploading the photos in which we get to see some of the videos related to her family. As far as her family is concerned, Amra keeps it private.
In her family, Olivec has only one big brother whose name is not known nor his identity. She has posted a picture on instagram where she mentions her mother’s sesam but other than that information of her family is still a mystery.

Besides studying, Amra is also interested in makeup because she pursues her hobbies and becomes a makeup artist. She switched schools several times and finally completed high school in 2016.
Amra joined college after high school, but it lasted for a few semesters because she was focusing and interested in makeup. After realizing her field of interest, she enrolled in Make-up Designory beauty school where she became a professional makeup artist.

Height weight and body measurement

Amra is a gorgeous woman who becomes more attractive after rhinoplasty surgery. She has a body measurement of 36-25-36, which is an ideal body size, a height of 5 feet 3 inches, and weight of 64 kilograms.

Personal, Professional life and hobbies

What is the relationship status of Amra Olevic?
Since 2010, Amra has been in a relationship with Leonardo Reyes. After nine years of dating, they finally tied the knot in 2019.

About Amra plastic surgery

The results of the rhinoplasty surgery were amazing and Olevic appears as stunning as ever. She had done rhinoplasty surgery in California when Amra was there. While her lips look sexier because they are bigger and fuller, she has also added small touchups on her whites to brighten and shine. The surgery made her more beautiful and it added extra sparkle to her beauty.

Besides her professions what are the things that Amra loves to do?
Her dream was to be a makeup artist, and it was her field of interest where she chose to work as a makeup artist professionally. Apart from that, she likes to travel, enjoys sports, likes modern literature, and loves music. A friendly, cheerful, and upbeat individual, Amra always seems to be happy and smiling.

Career and professions of Amra Olevic

Throughout America, Amra Olivic is a well-known personality who is famous as an Instagram star and on Pinterest. Glamrezy is a beauty and fashion blog run by an amazing makeup artist who truly transforms personalities. Additionally, Olevic is an Anastasia brow artist and owns “Amra”, an Anastasia brow studio. She is also a model for a variety of cosmetic brands and clothing.
She started her career with Sephora where she learned about different cosmetics products and worked there for more than a year. As soon as she left Sephora, she joined MAC cosmetics and worked there, but after a while she left Mac and became a freelancer. As a result of her popularity on Instagram and Pinterest, Olevic doesn’t have to worry about her clients, as most of her clients are her Instagram followers.
Since 2020, she has launched a line called palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Social life, Salary and Net Worth

How is Amra’s social life?
People want to know about Amra because she is very social and that’s only possible by using social media. She is most active on Instagram and Pinterest, but she is also a blogger. Amra always posts about fashion, skin, makeup, tips, photos, and tutorial videos on her social media site. Her Instagram page has crossed 5 million subscribers and 5.9 followers as well as 4663 posts.
She has 279.4k followers on her Twitter account and has a youtube channel that has 72.5k subscribers and 85662 views which were activated in 2014. Typically, Amra uses her social accounts by the name of @amrezy, with her followers who can reach her at [email protected].

The net worth of Amra
Amra has a comfortable lifestyle and owns the house of her dreams. Her fans are extremely interested in her lifestyles and incomes. According to one estimate, her net worth is approximately $1.5 million and her salary is $3000000, besides the studios and brands she owns.


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