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According to Alicia Cargile biography (age 27), she was born on the very first day of 1991 on January 1. We can find her profile being mentioned on the sites like Linkedin and IMDb but as of now, Alicia Cargile wiki has not been mentioned in Wikipedia, a non-profit internet encyclopedia. She is best known for being a VFX Producer at Nomad Editing Company, Inc. since 2013.Also, Alicia received all sorts of popularity for being in the relationship with Hollywood actress, Kirsten Stewart. Let’s find all the detail and facts concerned with her including Alicia Cargile net worth, social accounts and so on.


Early Life and Education


There are is hardly anything known about Alicia’s early life like about her family, parents, siblings and so on. No information regarding her education is available as Alicia hasn’t disclosed such facts to the public.



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Career and Professional Life


Widely recognized as visual effects producer, she has been working on this profession for last seven years. Earlier in 2009, she started working as a Design Coordinator for Zoic Studios where she worked until December of 2010. In January of 2011, she moved to Motion Theory/Mirada Studios and started contributing as a Production Coordinator. In April 2013, Alicia joined Sunset Editorial as a Post Production Manager. Since August of 2017, Alicia Cargile has been working as a freelance VFX producer.


In this very young age, Alicia has achieved great success in her career and professional life. She possesses numerous skills like visual effects, production management, project bidding, broadcast, motion graphics, final cut pro and much more.


Alicia Cargile Birthday


On the very first day of 2018, Alicia Cargile is going to celebrate her 27th birthday. Possibly she might organize a party for her friend and closed ones on the day of her birthday on January 1.



How Much is Alicia Cargile’s Net worth?


So, what is the exact figure of worth accumulated by visual effects producer Alicia? Well, the answer is still unknown as the value of her worth is still under review. She has generated a huge amount of money from her long successful professional life. An estimation says that the value of her net worth is in the figure of millions.


Alicia Cargile and Kristen Stewart


Once the relationship of Alicia Cargile and Kristen Stewart was the talk of the town. Alicia Cargile’s sexual orientation is lesbian and used to have a great friendship with the Hollywood actress Stewart. As of now, the actress is in the relationship with Stella Maxwell who is a model by profession. According to some source, Alicia is single as of now.


Ethnicity and Nationality


Alicia Cargile’s ethnicity is white and is American by nationality. As of now, the visual effects producer resides in Los Angeles, the United States of America.


Wiki and Facts


Many websites had presented the bio of visual effects producer Cargile. She is also active on social networking sites where you can find Alicia Cargile on Instagram @aliciacargile. Similarly, to get her latest updates and tweets, follow Alicia on twitter @polaroidproject.

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