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There always exists a bricked disparity between a male and a female. No matter how much society sets it to be a biased free one, there do exist inequality in the mindset of people. Danielle Colby, the famous American actress, too became the victim of it generously affecting her married life. Struggling both onto her career and marriage phase, Danielle out-smarted it and gave herself a breakthrough from series “American Pickers”.  Since then she has never turned around, instead, she has been sharpening her skills, personality and has moved on to start her own ventures. Yes, we can surely say she is women of “S-P-I-R-I-T” and women who have guts to stand out against all the odds and shine in the crowd.

Today we will be learning more about the determined lady Danielle Colby, along with her bumpy married life, and few more of her personal & financial details.

Danielle Colby loaded with Multi-talents: How much is her salary & net worth

Before getting hold of fame, Danielle Colby owned the Big Mouth Mickie’s, a female roller derby team. Before getting injured she was heavily indulged with her team, and later on, she gave up. Thereafter, she prompted in becoming a burlesque dancer and hence she created her pack of professional troupe “Burlesque Le Moustache”. With nine performers including herself, the troupe was frequently on dance tour. Later in 2014, she started her own dance academy Dannie Diesel’s Bump n Grind Academy.

In 2010, she worked in an American reality show, “American Pickers” aired in History Channel. The show became a top-rated series and is running its 18th season. Besides dancing & hosting career, Danielle owes a Retro Fashion Clothing line “4 Miles 2 Memphis”, which was launched on 2013, January 3 in Chicago nearby Wicker Park.

With all her multi-tasking skills and effort, Danielle Colby has a total net worth of $1.5 million while her salary when working for American Pickers was nearly half a million i.e. $46,655. While on her dancing career she earned an average salary of $50k.

Married once or twice? What was the reason for the failure?

Burlesque dancer, Danielle Colby Cushman primarily got married to Kevin Colby. No details regarding their first meeting and dating have been revealed so far.  By 2004, Danielle and Kelvin were blessed by two children. Despite having a healthy family, the marriage ended brutally. Her career was blamed to be the reason for failure. For in an interview with WQAD-TV in 2012, she stated her fame and wealth made it impossible for Kevin to digest, which ended their marriage.

After decades of being a single mom, again in 2015, cupid struck the tattoo addict lady. In 2015, Danielle Colby met and fell in love with Alexandre De Meyer, a French artist, and graphic designer. Both of them are living a legendary life with their two children. The second marriage turned out to be quiet fruitful for the lady, as she is booming towards career growth at the same time enjoying settled family life with a husband and two children.

Biography of Danielle Colby

Born on 1975, December 3, in Davenport, Iowa.  She was born to a family holding an average family background. She came into fame and received success through all her hard work. Besides her work, Danielle Colby is also famous for her tattoos. Yes, she has covered her body parts with tattoos and she seems to highly flaunt her innovative designs.

Danielle Colby is an American Nationality with White Ethnicity. She carries a body weight of 78kg and has a body measurement of 39-28-40. Even at the age of 42, she is surely a men teaser. As of her personal family, Danielle has not revealed anything about it. She has not confessed anything about her siblings or cousins or about her own parents and their profession. Maybe she doesn’t want her fame to overshadow her family members that’s why she is hiding it from her fans or maybe like herself she wants every one of her siblings to earn and gain fame via their own effort instead of being addressed from “Danielle Colby”’ name.

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