Andie MacDowell claims to exit from Social Media

The American actress and model Andie MacDowell have unstated, that she might leave Twitter because of  extreme musings on the digital space.

According to her tweets on July  23, she said

“I have failed at twitter. I like to catch up on information or read articles. My sharing has mostly caused me pain. I read mean things from people I don’t know.” She added “ It opens me up to sarcasm & too many mean people. I am a different generation. I don’t understand that kind of joy”.

From her tweets, we can say that she may quit Twitter.  The 61 years old model who has more than 500 thousand followers wrote on Jul 23 where she said

“It is hard not to look here or participate especially on a day when I am tired & sitting around the house doing nothing…I sit here read tweets, share, waste time like everyone else. But I think someone in my positive is like a sitting duck”.

Replying to her tweets many of her fans and friend wrote a comment we can see that her fan is supporting her.

“Your generosity and positivity on Twitter has honestly been a bright light in my feed – you certainly haven’t failed!” one person wrote.


“Totally understand the need to get away, though you’ll be missed.”


“Social media is toxic. We all proceed at our own risk. Sending love,” another added

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