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Like a bumpy road, life too makes you bounce up and down. And Yes! Shaky days neither take care of your age nor your gender. It comes as a turbulent, shake you up and leaves you with baffled and helpless.  Likewise, is the story of journalist Ann Curry who served her entire life as a reporter for NBC network but got fired just recently in 2018 at the age of 61 years. Despite being recognized as Award Winning Journalist, a sudden backlash did tremor on her existing career life and net worth.

So, today, we will highly investigate the sudden dismissal of Ann Curry from NBC, followed by her wiki & biography!

61 years of service to the network, but sudden D-I-S-M-I-S-S-A-L! Why?

Ann Curry was dismissed from her job after her show ratings declined. The channel blamed her for the sudden downfall and for the tepid bonding with her co-host Matt Lauer. But in a recent statement, Curry cleared the air by stating the real cause.  In an interview, she spoke about the sexual harassment a worker was facing in the organization, and how Ann had warned the management about the exceptional unworthy behavior of her co-star Lauer. She further alleged NBC about the internal ongoing pervasive verbal sexual harassment.

In spite of making black marked headlines, Ann still shows gratitude in giving her the opportunity to work with the mighty legends of the TV network. Curry departed from NBC in 2015, January, with a tearful on-air “Good Bye”. Her silence on sudden departure made people believe in the rumored reasons for her sudden absence. It gave rise to a big Question Mark on her year-long career, making most of the people guess from her sudden deporting from the channel.

Ann still loves her journalism career and will be back with her own show with a six-part documentary series, where she will showcase the successful connection of people and their individual survival. She is struggling hard to keep her career upfront and has maintained her net worth at $10 million.

Biography & Wiki of Ann Curry

American television journalist Ann Curry was born on 1956, November 19 at Guam to a Japanese mother and French-Scottish-Irish military father. She spent her childhood as a military child and was, therefore, raised in Alameda, Oregon, Virginia Beach, Japan, California, and San Diego.

She received her education from Ernest J.King School while in Japan and later joined Ashland High School, after migrating to Oregon. In 1978, she obtained a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon.

In 1978 she started her career as an intern for NBC affiliate while in 1980 she became a reporter and anchor for NBC affiliate. Four years later with her dedication, she earned two Emmy Awards, as a working reporter (1984 to 1990) for KCBS-TV reporter.

In 1990, she joined NBC News Chicago and reported major international coverage stories from Asia, Europe, and other continents. In 2009, she got a chance to speak her voice out at the United Nation General Assembly in Baghdad.  In 2015 she left NBC news and returned back to television network with a new version of PBS series, “We’ll Meet Again” initiated by her own production company. On 2018, January 23, she appeared as a guest on a show “The View”.

She is also involved in several charitable work and foundation. She is involved with “Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation”, “Save the Children”, “AmeriCares”, “Build On”, “Airline Ambassadors International” and “Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation”.

Ann received Emmy Awards for covering Los Angeles earthquake in 1987. She received Golden Mike awards 4 times, followed by Quinn Awards and Pioneer Awards. In 2008, she acquired the Common Wealth Award of Distinguished Service. She was also honored by an honorary degree from Providence College and honorary doctorate degree from Wheaton College in Norton in 2010, May 22.  She also offers scholarships to students interested in studying journalism from her Ann Curry Scholarship for University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

Ann is happily married to software executive Brian Ross. From her happy marriage, she has two children William Walker Curry Rose (son) and McKenzie (daughter). She is currently residing at New Cannon, Connecticut.

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