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Anna Wallace who is popularly known as ‘Whiplash’ is popular for her past relationship with Prince Charles, an English Royal. Previously Anna Wallace was married to City fund manager, Tom Oates with whom she got divorced after 16 years of wedded life. At present, she is working at BBC Radio York and we have mentioned Anna Wallace bio below:


Date of Birth                19 November, 1955

Marital Status              Married

Ethnicity                       white

Nationality                   English



Early Life

She was born in England with full name Anna Whiplash Wallace and was the lovely child of her English parents. Her father named Hamish Wallace was a Scottish landowner. From her childhood, she showed her artistic nature by being involved in local arts, literary, music and also on various cultural events too. Although she was of shy nature, when it comes in debating on righteous topic, she used to break her silence and used to impress people with her reasonable arguments. 


Anna Wallace Prince Charles Relationship


During 1980, Prince Charles and Anna Wallace were said to be dating each other and were having a good term. As per the report, Charles proposed her for marriage which she denied because of several factors despites she used to love him a lot. Charles was felt of being treated badly and this incident became the talk of the town at that time. After the refusal, Prince Charles move for Diana with whom he spent his married life from 1981 to 1996. At present, he is married to Camilla Parker Bowles.


Anna Wallace Married Life


At present, Wallace is married to Mr. Graham and it is said that their marriage ceremony was organized in New York City and very fewer people were invited. Previously, she was married to Johnny Fermor-Hesketh and Tom Oates. Anna Wallace and Tom divorced in 2007 and have got one daughter from their relationship.


Has Anna Wallace left Radio York?


No, it’s not true at all. You can find Anna Wallace presenting the Breakfast Show along with Allan Watkiss. The show is regularly broadcasted on the BBC Radio York network.


Similar Names


A person with the same name as Anna Wallace is there and internet users often get confused with this profile who is the Director of Political Relations at PwC. She has decades of experience in public affairs and political relations and has been working with PwC for last four years.


Social Medias: Anna Wallace Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Anna Wallace keeps her profile low and is not active on the social medias except Twitter which is available @anna69wallo . She doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram as she has got a busy schedule and doesn’t want to be in the limelight/ medias. Very less information on Anna Wallace bio is available and there is no profile of her in Wikipedia.


How much is the net worth of Anna Wallace?


Currently, there is no any information available about Anna Wallace net worth. During her long journey of life, she must have retained millions of wealth and property.


Does Anna Wallace smokes or drinks?


No never. She stays far away from smoking and drinking.


How is her married life now?


As of now, she is enjoying her married life despite being at the age of 62. Both of them are busy in their profession and are able to balance their personal life on the same ratio.

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