Ariana Grande and Graham Philips spotted together? Dating Again!

Becomes the second one!

Graham, the Riverdale actor, age 25, marked himself as the second ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande embracing the reunion ceremony. Paparazzi got hold of “thank you, next” singer, happily chilling with her another former boyfriend Big Sean, just a week ago.

On 9th March 2019, Graham and Ariana were photographed together, while they were strolling around the street of New York City. Well, as per the situation framed by the insider, the two were heading towards a restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner.

Reports stated, the pair, at around 9 p,m walked in ZZ’s Bar Downtown and continued with their usual talks for about two hours.

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During such immediate encounter, the “7 thrill” singer, wrapped herself on an oversized puffed jacket, knee-high boot, and a blueberry skirt. While the 25-year-old actor draped himself on a black blazer.

Back in 2008, on the set of Broadway Production of “13”, the Good Wife actor and his once alleged girlfriend had lightened the romance. Information of their so-called dating remains blur and unquestioned as they have still maintained a healthy friendship.

Even in 2016, though the pair had split they still enjoyed their reunion for a show. Nevertheless, it was just a plain union rather than a complete reconcile.

Addressing the rumors, the yet to be disclosed source explained the situation of Grande, where she is still quantified as single, and she is simply catching up with her people as they were once a part of her life.

She’s single. She’s seen some of her exes, but she’s not dating any of them. She’s just catching up with people that she once cared about and had a connection with.”

According to a close source, Ariana is `highly concentrating on her upcoming shows and rigorously rehearsing for her tour. Earlier this year, she was again victimized for her sudden catch up with her another former flame Ricky Alvarez.

To those who have no clue about Graham’s work credit; he has worked in various movies such as Blockers, Almighty and Goats. Likewise, he has appeared in several television shows such as Riverdale, The Kings of Queen, Secret & Lies and Good Wife.




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