Arwa Damon Biography: Is she married? Find out her biography, married, dating, family life, body measurement, career, net worth

If we are talking about the most daring and admiring journalist in the field of journalism, then Arwa Damon is the first name that we will mention for you. Currently, she covers the Middle East as a freelance journalist. Apart from that, she is also president and founder of INARA, a humanitarian organization that provides medical treatment to refugee children from Syria.

Today, we shall be covering the tuff life of Arwa Damon, her relationship status including her family and networth.

Biography & Wiki of Arwa Damon

Born with the Virgo zodiac sign while the gorgeous Arwa celebrates her birthday every year on the 19th of September. She had opened her eyes in Boston, United States of America. Belonging to the white ethnicity while she holds an American Nationality.  How old is Arwa Damon? As of 2020, she has a celebrated total of 42 birthday, which makes her 42-years old proud journalists.

Educational background of Arwa Damon. Regarding her education, she skipped the sixth grade, and later the talented anchor graduated with honors from Robert College.  Later she got enrolled in Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. In 1999, she graduated with honors with a double major in French and biology and a minor in international affairs.

Married or Dating? Find out her relationship

Is Arwa Damon married? When it comes to the personal life of Arwa Damon, she has not shared any photo and status regarding her love life. It seems that she is currently single and not dating anyone. As she is of an outspoken personality, we don’t think she would keep her love life under complete privacy.

Arwa Damon with her cat. (Credit: Instagram)

Maybe she has not met someone who is like her. Alongside she is so into her journalism career and is traveling to and fro to cover news, so we don’t think she has met someone of her interests. As of now, she is single holds no record of any historic affairs or children.

Though she has no children, she does have a keen interest in children. She has been sharing, lots of photographs of the children affected in Lebanon and Baghdad. As of her family, she has adorable cats.

Family life of Arwa Damon

Arwa, the daughter of   George H. Damon and Joumana. Further, she is the granddaughter of Muhsin al-Barazi, the former Syrian Kurd prime minister of Syria. At the age of 3, she moved along with her family to Morocco, followed by Istanbul, Turkey.

There her father used to be a teacher and middle school director at Robert College.  Later her father got transferred to Isıkkent School in Izmir,  where he became the headmaster of the American Community School at Beirut from 2003. After 10 years he got retired from there.  The talented Arwa is fluent in Arabic, French, Turkish, and English, language.

My beautiful mama just dug this up and sent it to me. I must have been 16 or something ???? (Credit: Instagram)

Alongside, her parents Arwa has revealed a few pieces of information about her maternal grandmother through her Instagram post, where she states,

“It’s me as a baby with my maternal grandmother, Mawadda al-Jabiri. She was in her late 20s when my grandfather Dr. Muhsin al-Barazi, then the prime minister of Syria, was assassinated in 1949 along with the president at the time. Those who carried out the coup refused to allow her a proper burial. I have an imagined scene in my mind of her, this tall, blond, blue-eyed woman, grieving but defiant, as she confronted the killers demanding her husband’s body be handed over. She never trembled.”

Arwa further added,

“My grandmother never remarried. She had three children with Muhsin (my mother was 3 at the time). His first wife had passed away, his two children from that marriage were also in my grandmother’s care. She was alone, with five children, her husband dead, stripped of her property and assets, in an instant her country which she loved had turned on her. She persisted in getting her higher education and professional training in education which my grandfather had always encouraged her to pursue. My grandmother was a teacher well outside of the classroom, perhaps in more ways than she ever knew. “

Adding more love to her maternal granny she said,

“My grandmother passed away when I was in college. Thank you habibti Nana for it is your strength, your refusal to succumb to the odds, your determination to keep fighting in the face of injustice, that has been passed down. I see traces of it in me, changed and morphed over the generations, less elegant and poised, but still woven into my psyche.”

Body Measurement

Similar to other celebrities, she is blessed with awesome physique statistics. The beautiful Arwa stands up 5 feet and 7 inches. Whereas she maintains her weight according to her height.

Arwa has a fit body measurement. She seems to involve in lots of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming, which has helped her remain active. In 2019, August, she headed for Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal with her 77-years old uncle.

She shares her experience and the fun side of the trip through her Instagram. She states,

“At age 77 my uncle Henry went for a goal he never even knew he had. Henry was 11 when Hillary and Tenzing were the first to summit Everest back in 1953 and was fascinated by it over the following years. But it never crossed his mind to trek to base camp. He’s had multiple knee surgeries starting in his mid-40s and then 3.5 years ago had both knees replaced. When I started telling him about this trip his eyes lit up and he had endless questions perhaps sparked by his decades ago teenage curiosity, which led me to ask “are you thinking about coming?”

She further added,

“That question he says led him to stop short and wonder “could I possibly?”
He thought it was probably crazy, but his doctors, his family, and our expedition leader @mostafasalameh (inspirational man in his own right going from a child born a refugee in Jordan to the first Arab to complete all 7 summits, both poles, and Greenland) all told him there was no reason not to try.

Credit: Instagram

“Despite Henry’s anxiety, doubts, the mental and physical challenge he made it most of the way unassisted (and I can attest it’s grueling terrain and the altitude is no joke) but always under the watchful eye of the amazing team of Sherpas. (Pictured Laqpa and Laqpa – the one on Henry’s left summited Everest multiple times and paraglided down in 2011!)
It was so moving to see the helping hand when needed, the care that everyone in our group showed, the genuine support and desire to see Henry succeed, and the way Henry inspired all of us in ways he probably doesn’t even know.”

Adding more inside of the trip, she said,

“For Henry this trip started with the aim of getting to Everet base camp but he had no idea how much he would come to appreciate how much the Nepalese he met value and respect their surroundings. “One of the main things I learnt was to experience people who love and value what they have here. The whole trip was so moving in so many ways. I remember the Nepali cafe owner who was so appreciative that I was here to the morning when all the Nepalese with us paused and gave thanks as the morning sun hit the peaks. They looked after me in a way that wasn’t just a job, that was so personal, so caring.”

In spite of workouts, she has no diet charts. The CNN reporter has no piercing, nor does she have any arts on her body. She frequently indulges in sweets and high-calorie desserts.

Career & Net worth

Talking bout the professional life of Arwa, she has started her journey at CameraPlanet, as a  newscaster for the supplier of media content for television. There she got to work with correspondent Peter Arnett’s team into pre-war Iraq. Following three years she covered the Middle East as a freelance producer CNN, CNN International, PBS, Fox News, and others.

I’m liking this Bosphorus view background. Thoughts? Thank you to our awesome engineer Simon Scott here from London to sort out office out – I swear he has the patience of a saint dealing with all our bureau wiring and technology stuff I won’t even pretend to understand (and my computer and back up issues). (Credit: Instagram)

In 2006, she officially joined  CNN. While being on CNN she covered the news of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, including the Battle of Najaf and the battle to retake Samarra. Further, she went to cover the Iraqi elections of January 2005.

Caption: Arwa Damon supporting the Syrian refugee. (Credit: Facebook)

In 2010, Arwa went to cover the  Syrian civil war. For that, she had to travel multiple times to Syria and refugee camps for Syrians. Apart from CNN, the gorgeous has also co-founded INARA (the International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance). It mainly focused on refugee children from Syria.

How much is the net worth of Arwa Damon?

Arwa Damon has struggled her ways to become a known journalist of CNN. So far she has accumulated a total net worth of $3 million. As of her salary, she is one of the most daring journalists, so we assume she gets paid the most. As of glassdoor, the average pay of CNN reporter is $51k-$56k with the additional support of health insurance, and health plan.

Awards and Nomination of Arwa Damon

42 years old Arwa is an Award-winning reporter based in Istanbul. She is the winner of an Investigative Reporters and Editors’ IRE Award for her reporting of the Consulate attack in Benghazi, along with fellow photojournalist Sarmad Qaseera.

Arwa Damon showcasing her awards and achievements. (Credit: Instagram)

Similarly, she is also the part of the CNN team who won the 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story-Long form.

Is Arwa Damon active in social media?

Yes, Arwa is active in all of the social platforms. On Instagram, she has the total followers of 15.6k followers while on Twitter she has 140.1k followers and Facebook 15.9k followers. She has a Wikipedia and no IMDb.

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