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In the ’80s people took entertainment as a luxury. Where an average class family approached for movies, higher class people opted for operas and theaters. But the industry took a major flip in the late ’90s after Hollywood started producing animated, horror and sci-fi movies.

The sector got so busy that they totally forgot about reality. Though perfect escapism was made for the audience, it perhaps forgot the biopic area. Despite this, the industry has given some remarkable movies that are just unbelievable.

To give more to the performing sector, stand up comedians began to pop up. Their real stories, inspiration was much liked by the spectators. The comedians, then proved about their influential power as they easily boggled the mindset of their listners. For during dictation when the narrator was happy, they too were and when story-teller briefed about their sadness, even they were.

Today, we will be talking about a stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer and his journey from performer to actor and to an inspiring story character. Yes, very few people get to see their real-life story into real life and Bert is one of the living legends. Who at the age of 46 years has witnessed his own melodic story? So, for now, instead of talking about his on-screen story we will be fondling on his personal life, wife, daughter, biography, and net-worth.

Married to wife Leann Kreischer & blessed with children

If you are a silence lover, then you will surely understand the bizarre situation of getting married to a party lover. You might have guessed, Bert to be a silent one and Leann to be a hard party lover. But that’s not the case.

The scenario is totally different out here. Both in the movie and personal life, Bert is a wild party lover and a heavy drinker. Before plunging into the inside story of their personal life, let’s start with their dating and marriage scenario.

Leann had never imagined getting married to Kreischer. Before recognizing him as a famous one, she had met him three times. Despite meeting the third time, she still thought him to be a crazy and comical fella.

Before getting tied, she had passed her contact number to one of his mates, with an expectation of receiving a call from him for a date. Unfortunately, there was no call from him, which forced her to call him up and ask him out.

Leann is also an actress, born and raised in a small village. But now, she seemed to be totally influenced by her husband’s crazy jokes. She is a good entertainer and weekly releases a podcast dubbed under the name, “Wife of the Party”.

Through her channel she gives different people an opportunity to speak about their children and marriage, followed by a major gossip event.

The partners are happily married and are consecrated by two beautiful daughters Georgia Kreischer, 13 years (named after his wife’s home town state) and Ila Kreischer, 11 years (named after a drunk aunt).

Both the lovely daughters are given nicknames by his wife. There are piles of name given to Georgia such as G-Mac, G Macaroon Tone, The Blond Bombshell. While Ila is addressed as Baby I, IBay and Brownie.

On an interview, Bert shared some priceless stories including his regret and happiness. When asking him to describe as a father he confronted him to be selfish, mediocre, loving comprising the strength of his sense of humor, empathy and childish energy.

Revealing more on the favorite activities he loves doing with his children he said, “With Georgia, whenever we’re on vacation, we get up at 6 a.m. and take a walk. Just the two of us. With Ila, as strange as it sounds, it’s letting her bully me, whether it’s her pressuring me to jump in a pool or eat a dozen donuts. I love that crazy complex bully energy about her.”

Well, the lovingness portion as a father is always present. Even after hectic road trips or three shows a day he makes sure to land home on Sundays just to be with his kids. He is the one who takes pride by teaching them swimming and bike riding. And he never fails to showcase his unconditional loves to them. Just like a protective father, he is there for his kids in every thick and thin.

Bio & Net Worth of Bert Kreischer

The actor was born on 1972, November 3, Tampa, Florida, USA. His father worked as a real estate attorney while his mother worked in the early childhood development sector. Before choosing acting as his professional career, he attended private Jesuit High School and later joined Florida State University with a major in English.

Previous to an acting career, at the age of 14, he was totally into weed, drugs, pills, hallucinogens, and ecstasy.

In 1997, during the sixth year of his University the Rolling Stone, a six-page article addressed him as the  “top partier at the number one party school in the country, with the title; Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate.” The article rolled on heaving drinking and nudity.

The article writer then wrote a script based on the life pattern of Bert which was later sold to National Lampoon. The script was later picturized under the name National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002) starring Ryan Reynolds.

His first experience as a comedian was at Potbelly’s nightclub at Florida. Thereafter he moved to New York City and then joined Boston comedy club. With countless of comedy and storytelling, he grabbed a nickname of The Machine with one of his famous pieces based on his college trip to Russia and how he had helped the mafia to rob a train.

After that, he appeared in several shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, Racheal Ray (2011-2015) and Late Show with David Letterman. Every week he hosts his own podcasts under a different name on All Things Comedy Network.

Sitcom offered him a deal which urged him to take more of road trips. Besides being a narrator, he has also published his own book named “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child” in 2014.

Bert is said to have a total net worth of $1.2 million which is added from his career of stand-up comedian and from other complementary areas such as movies, hosting, and podcasts.

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