Bill Anderson songs, age, marriage, biography, wife, and greatest hits

James William Anderson was also known as Bill Anderson is one of the most passionate singer’s world has seen, a famous TV personality, and a country music songwriter. There are 40 albums he has released and seven of them have top the charts in country charts that’s why he is considered as one of the most successful songwriters. He was born on 1st November of 1937 in Columbia and he was brought up there. In his career tenure, he has worked with several veteran artists such as Wanda Jackson, Ray Price, Lynn Anderson, Connie Smith, Brad Paisley and several others too. Bill was an established TV personality too as he hosted top TV shows like The Better Sex 1977 and Fandango 1983 to 1989.

Biography and age

Bill’s previous interest was in sports news writing and journalism but as soon as he came to know that he was interested in music, he became oriented towards music. The Current age of Bill is running in the 81st year of his life and his birth sign is Scorpio and not much information is available about him like height and weight. When we closely scan his biography we come to know that he first gained major public attention when his song city light topped the chart and the song was recorded by Ray Price in the year1958. After this hit, he signed up a contract with Decca records but before this, he worked small TNT level from the year 1957 to 1959. He also has written his autobiography naming it as whisperin’ Bill and bought it himself, this thing made him stay in media with a crispy News. Bill Anderson is living a single life now but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t married till date.

Song and greatest hits

Bill has written songs of varied categories like romantic, tragic and several other types, there are nearly 43 songs where we can find his involvement. They are at the time, Bad Seen, I can‘t remember, city lights, the corner of my life, Country your blessings, Country, dissatisfied, Dying to see you, Faith in you, Give it away, Happy state of mind, I don’t love you anymore, I can’t wait any longer, I get the Fever, I may never go to Heaven, I’ll never stop, I’ll wait for you, Joey and several others. Among them the greatest hits are I Get the Fever, The Tip of my finger, Bright light and country music, Mama sang a song, Easy come Easy go, Still, I love You drops, Golden guitar, Three am, Five Little Fingers, Po’s Folks, and 8×10.

Personal life

Bill Anderson is living a single life now but it’s not because he isn’t married yet, he has married and not only once but twice. Firstly his wife was Becky Anderson but in 1997 the couple got separated after some years of marriage but the reason behind their separation is still unknown. His second wife was Bette Anderson and after nearly a decade of the marriage the couple divorced and the reason behind it again hasn’t been revealed out. There was some news that Becky suffered from 25 percent of brain impairment due to an auto crash in 1986. There are no any sorts of information about his children, we don’t even know if they exist or not and the current status of his wives is unknown either they are single or dating or maybe they married twice. There is no current information about his current status, but there are no rumors that he is single or has a girlfriend. 

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