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Have you ever noticed people engaged in stock markets? If yes, have you ever observed their behavior? Lifestyle? Money, Money & Money is what their entire life revolves in. Besides finance, they have nothing to talk about and you must observe the lifestyle they live. Luxury & status is all they care about. For today, we are picking out a personality, who is phenomenal in the stock market. Instead of directly giving out his name, we are little beat beating around the bush!

The man who has earned fame for covering a mellow sector of the society, the man who underwent through extreme extend to reveal the hidden secrets of society has himself concealed his married life hidden. You must have guessed about the person by now! Yes, we are talking about the famous CNBC reporter cum journalist Bob Pisani.

Despite covering every story and laying in front of the public, Bob has not disclosed a thread about his married life and personal life. He has been so far dictating the entire story of Wall Street market but has not spoken about his personal journey. A man with eye-catching personality, successful and single so far does not at all match. Today we are rummaging through the personal life of Bob Pisani followed by his salary, age, and wiki.

Well preserved married life; Still married or Divorced?

Bob Pisani married life is completely silent and away from media reach. Despite attending several convention and programmes he has never shown up with his wife at any place nor has he uploaded any pictures of her in his social media.

Had he been a  married he must have become the grandfather of few grandchildren so far. The non-disclosure act, about his marital status, has somewhat made his fan think about him holding a singularity.

The matter doesn’t end here, his silence on his marital status has also embarked the speculation of having a gay partner amongst his fan’s mindset. Well, it does sound strange a 78 years old man keeping his personal life completely apart from the media reach with no sign of dating any women in public. As there is no evidence of his partner being a male, we consider him to be of straight orientation.

However, there is the possibility of him dating secretly and not being married. Even his dating part is under the radar. Even at such age, his personality is wacky enough to woo women of any age. We are sure he must be dating someone who is much much more junior to his age. As his interest in the stock market, it’s obvious he prefers someone who is a financial analyst and smart in number,

Well, nothing can be said so far, until an unless the Pisani, CNBC reporter openly confronts about his relationship status followed by his married life.

CNBC reporter, find his earning & contribution; Wiki & Salary

The American journalist Bob Pisani was born on May 23, 1939. He became a renowned personality after he started working in CNBC. He may emphasize on the Stock market and gave major details of events related to finance and real estate industry. So far, he has been covering the news of the stock market past 20 years. Before covering stock market news, he covered Real Estate news from 1990 to 1995. He landed as Stock correspondent only in 1997 where he covered the IPO (Initial Public Offering), Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and financial market.  His extreme hard work and dedication landed him with a salary of $8 million. Bob is an active user of social media Twitter where he has 70.9K followers.

Pisani started his career from CNBC in 1990. He was nominated twice for Cable Ae awards in 1993 and 1995. While was also entitled with the award of “National Headliner Award” for outstanding contribution.

Further, adding more on his contribution, he is also the co-author of the book “How to be a successful developer”. He also taught in “Wharton School for Business” at the University of Pennsylvania a real estate development course from 1987 to 1992.

A stock reporter, a professor, a writer, Bob is definitely a multi-talented personality. His height of success is all about the hard work he fed in to grab fame this far. In the future, we will be hearing a lot more about him and his strong opinion in the stock market.

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