Chris Heria- wiki, Biography, Family, Wife, Body Measurement, Career, Networth, Felony, Social life

Chris Heria is an American fitness trainer, athlete, singer, entrepreneur, and well-known personality in the fitness industry as well as a social figure.

Who is Chris Heria? His nationality, race, and zodiac with a lucky number and ethnicity

Chris D. Heria was born on December 21st, 1991, in Miami, Florida, and he is a native of the United States. The zodiac sign of Chris is Sagittarius and his lucky numbers are 3,7,9,12,21, along with following the day of the week of Thursday.
A member of the white race, he follows the Christian faith. Chris has made his name in the fitness world by competing in Street Workout World Championships. He is now a brand ambassador for Barstarzz. He keeps fit and healthy people in mind through his youtube videos, seminars, workshops, and a personal gym.

The early life of Chris D. Heria and education

As far as his early days go, there isn’t much information about his parents, siblings, cousins, but as he keeps it private, there is no information about any other relatives except his brother Stefan Heria. He seems to have a good relationship with his parents and has spent his childhood well according to his present state.

Educational background

graduated from St. Brendan High School in Miami Florida and graduated from his hometown Miami’s Southwest Miami senior high school in 2008, Chris has also completed his education at St. Brendan High School. During his time as a student, he participated in many sports competitions, including the Street Workout World Championship. While contemplating further study in real estate school, he was unable to do so due to some issues.

Height, weight, and body measurement

Based on his mesomorph body type, he has a well-maintained body structure with a body measurement of 40-32-36 (chest, waist, and hips) with a biceps size 14. Along with his body dimensions, his dark brown hairs and eyes also give him an appealing appearance.

How tall is Chris Heria?

In addition to his body type, he has a perfect height of 5.9 inches (1.75m).
How much does Chris Heria weigh?

As a fitness personality, he has perfect body dimensions and maintained his weight of 75kg (166lbs).

What is the shoe size Chris?

He has a shoe size of 7 according to the U.S.

Tattoos of Chris Heria

His appearance suggests that he has a passion for tattoos. Tattoos among his collection include. There is a woman’s portrait on his left hand, and Albert fish on his left forearm, a flower on his neck, the phrase I will be heard on his chest with the sea monster, and Albert Einstein on his right hand. Chris Heria tattoos must hold significance for him, therefore he has asymmetric pattern on his left shoulder, and finally he has the phrase “define this mess” on his knuckles.

Personal life of Chris Heria

Known for his fitness ideas and contributions, Chris is well-known in the fitness world. Chris maintains his privacy in his private life even though his followers want to know more about him.

Who is Chris’ wife?

Since Chris’ marriage status is unclear, no information is available about his wife, but he does have a son named Zen Heria and appears to be a single parent.

Does Chris have a girlfriend?

The fact that he is quite private, and that he is a public figure, makes his fans curious as to his relationship status. He has posted a picture of himself with a girl whose Instagram handle is @arod_vanwild and called her “his girl”.

The professional life of Chris Heria

He is a fitness trainer by profession, but after graduating from high school, he toured across America for fitness competitions, seminars, workshops, and so forth.
Along with travels to the United States, he toured Russia, Norway, and Finland.
His fitness house, Calisthenics Academy, opened in his hometown after he returned from traveling the world. His academy promoted Calisthenics training, which attracted many people, which led him to establish another academy entitled Calisthenics Evolution Institute and ThenX. The success he has had in the academy has led him to become an entrepreneur and establish other businesses besides the academy, such as Heria Shop and Heria Pro Fitness App.
In addition to his popularity, he became an ambassador for BarStarzz. He became popular at an early age and has achieved success in his career.

The musical career of Heria

Three videos featuring Chris were released in 2018: Feeling of You, On My Mind, Patient. Youtube users have viewed Feeling of You more than 500,000 times.

Career as a YouTuber

Chris Heria uploaded his first video in 2018, “Chris Heria- The Real Story Vlog1 “. He continues to upload videos about his life, career and struggles with success. Heria most viewed videos are ‘’7 minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do every day.’’ Rep= 1 Dollar ( ThenX Team Challenge), 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Calisthenics.

Controversies and criminal record regarding Chris heria

Chris has been criticized in some form in his videos, posts, etc. The felony he committed during his career has led to arrest and jail. The feloni is his biggest controversy. After being jailed, he also bailed an illuminating act for self-defense.
He was criticized for a video regarding losing belly fat. Other than that there are not many charges of Chris heria.

Is Chris Heria on steroids?

Whether Chris Heria is natty or not, it is still on review but Rich Piana has mentioned that steroids have been used by sportsmen in the past, and mostly by bodybuilders.
It is not safe to use steroids and proper research should be done before doing so.

Diet plan, fitness, and workout

He has maintained his body dimensions with proper workouts, a healthy diet plan, and fitness rules. He consumes 1800 calories a day and follows an intermittent fasting plan.

Net worth

Being a social person, most of his income comes from training centers, social platforms, endorsements, etc. As of 2021, Chris has a net worth of USD 7 million and an annual income of almost USD 100. A house, a property, and a car are part of his net worth.

Social platform

Besides being active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram website and Instagram, he also has a channel on YouTube.
In total, his Instagram pages have 1,026 posts with 1.4million followers and 510 followings and can be contacted from site:

He seems to be less active on Twitter and joined in 2017 with 27 following and 2461 followers

Facebook account follower s of Chris has 183k followers.

Along with, he has another site for business purposes heria shop.

He has been popular through his videos and vlogs from the youtube channel with 3.31 M Subscribers.