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Those days are gone when people used to think that only slim and skinny girls can be models. Nowadays your body shape, size, figure, and build don’t hinder the success. Being slim is ok but if you are not then it’s also perfectly fine. People’s broad mindset, thinking, and dedication of several ladies have been able to establish a branded trend of plus-sized modeling. This is the platform where all ladies with potential and passion instead of having a very curvaceous body can flaunt themselves perfectly. Brazil is very famous for glamour and the Brazilian plus-sized models are heavenly beautiful and extremely seductive. Cleo Fernandes is one of the most famous plus-sized modeling divas. The model’s reserved and privacy-loving nature has been a reason for unavailability of certain information related to her. Her birthday, parents, and early life have not been exposed yet due to which Cleo’s bio lacks some major information. With an amazing height, highly curvaceous body, and plus-sized measurements, she has been able to prove her a highly successful model. Cleo’s boldness and confidence can be seen in all type of photography related to her. She is a really good inspiration for those who are depressed of their over-sized body and want to find success in the modeling industry.

Cleo Fernandes’s Bio- how did she come to the limelight?

The Brazilian plus-sized diva had to bear a huge struggle during her teenage. Due to some eating disorders and her abnormal body shape plus weight, she was bullied a lot in her school age. But after a certain time, she accepted herself and decided to something without changing her originality. To implement the decision, she started part-time modeling to earn and sustain herself. Fluvia Lacerda is her idol and inspiration, she was highly encouraged seeing the supermodel’s confidence plus working ways. Cleo started modeling and got an immense success rapidly as a result of her potential plus faith. The major turning point came when she won the crown of Miss Plus Size Brazil 2012. Since then, her confidence is only being boosted and now she does not have any wish to become slim or skinny. Cleo thinks that beauty has no relation with what society and people think about you. As beauty is the ultimate voice of your soul, so everybody is beautiful in their own way. She also says that beauty is far beyond social standards and dress size or body measurement. Cleo is popular on social media which shows her craze in people. She has around 44K followers on Instagram while her Facebook page consists of about 25 thousand likes.

Age and body measurement

Due to no information available about her birthday, we can’t exactly determine the model’s age. But believing on some sources gives us hints that, Cleo is in her early 30s. Moving onto her height, she is 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 meters tall. Cleo has a body weight of 216 pounds which equals to 98 kg. Her plus-sized body measurements are 47-37-39. There is no any appropriate information available about her dress and shoe size. The model has a fair complexion complemented by her dark brown hair plus eyes.


The model has done numerous photoshoots till date. Most of them are either for advertisement purpose or editorial campaigns. Cleo has done advertisements for several plus-sized lingerie brands. Along with that, she has also advertised some of the top plus-sized clothing brands. The model has mapped runway for several famous designers. Her photos are easily available on different Medias and sources.

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