Jaclyn Hill back lashes on the quality allegation!

The popular makeup brand queen Jaclyn Hill took help of YouTube on Wednesday to address the concerns of customers who raised questions on the quality of her new lipstick line.

The issue came to light after the fans began to receive their products where they identified holes, plastic particles, unknown fibers resembling hairs etc. While some confessed about the inconsistency on the lipstick, raising questions on the product validity.


Through a fourteen-minute YouTube video, where Hill, addressed about the severity her consumers were facing from the first launch of her product. Where she also mentioned about going through every of the documentation, lab and chemist report for the in-depth investigation to identify the emerging risks.

She says,

I want to address some of the issues that my customers are having with my first launch of my brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, and my lipsticks. I’m not gonna run away from this. I know it’s taken me a couple days to get all my ducks in a row and get this video out for you guys, but I have been going through all the documentation, and on the phone with labs and chemists and the owner of my lab and my entire team for several days, and doing a very in-depth investigation to figure out exactly what’s going on so I can give you the most informed information as a brand owner.

Before any sort of remedies, she up-fronts the accusations, she firstly confronted on the validity, moldiness of the lipstick. She said,

“The first thing I want to address before anything else is the accusations that my lipsticks are expired, moldy or hazardous in any way, shape or form. My lipsticks are not moldy, they are not contaminated, they are not unsafe for you in any way shape or form. Every single ingredient in my lipsticks is new and FDA approved.”

Ending her video message, she notes the embarrassing situation she is going through on her first launch. She also acknowledged about her company refunds and replacement of new products to those consumers who are undergoing through the traumatic situations.  For any sort of help, the makeup lovers can contact [email protected] . Before availing for the replacement & refund option one needs to give proof to the company.




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