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The best thing about starring in a reality show is its direct connectivity of stars with its audience. The audiences are very much acquainted to the show after all the artist give them a true pictorial of their routine life. American Pickers star, Danielle Colby should not be left out from this portion, as she soars in fame through an exclusive generic show.

The American fashion designer, TV personality and burlesque dancer Colby is very much known for her appearance on History network. Beside her absolute mark on career territory, let’s find out more about her personal life including her husband, children, net worth & biography.

Has on-screen love of American Pickers turned into a reality? If not, married to who?

If you are well aware, Danielle is working with two of her co-stars Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe since 2010. She has been working with the pair for eight years now but she is not at all involved with any of the men till date. She has maintained a healthy relationship with her mate making her work with them together for this long making it a top-rated series since 2010.

However, the friendship of Colby and Mike started a decade before the show where he asked Danielle to work at an antique shop, Antique Archaeology. Danielle is said to be the glue who holds three of them together.

In real life, the fashion designer is married to Kevin Colby in 2004. She got her first child on September 2, 1996, with her son Miles and right after four years of the gap she gave birth to her second child, a beautiful daughter Memphis in 2000, January.

Unfortunately, after her career started to take off, her marriage started to fall off. Her husband did not like the unwanted attention he got as a celebrity husband, therefore, she headed for a divorce. Currently, Kevin is stated to be single. While Colby again got rocked by Cupid. She gave herself a second chance and fell in love with a French graphic artist and designer Alexandre De Meyer. She got married and settled in Chicago with her two children and a niece. Again her life got tattered and ended up in divorce without any official notice.

Who says a woman has to be meek and settle in the territory she is left with. Colby proved it wrong and is dating Jeremy. Her new beau is a reflection of Danielle, a free spirit bird. She is sharing her cozy pictures with her man through Instagram. Lately, she shared a picture of her and Jeremy enjoying a vacation on 2018, July. She is least bothered about the feeds she’s been getting from her fans and enjoying her life and fame thoroughly.

From burlesque dancer to American Pickers. Danielle Colby net worth & biography!

Danielle Colby was born on December 3, 1975, at Davenport, Iowa, US. She is of American Nationality and is of White Ethnicity with a ravishing height of 5 feet 9 inch. Bumpy ride it may seem. She was bought up by her mother Sue Colby, a Jehovah Witness. Her childhood seemed to be rough where she was molested by a man. Danielle including herself had created a professional dancing troupe of nine members Burlesque LE Moustache, under Dannie Diesel. In 2014, she owned her own dancing academy “Dannie Diesel’s Bump n Grind Academy at Chicago. Later she joined History Channel and hosted show “American Pickers” in 2010 which made her a known American personality. Besides hosting, a dancing troupe she is also a fashion fiesta, she has her own fashion line “4 miles 2 Memphis” which sells retro clothes near Wicker Park area. She started her clothing line since 2013, 8 January.

With all her ongoing businesses Danielle manages to stack a net worth of $1.5 million every year. Although her salary of American Pickers is not disclosed, we are sure she makes thousands of bucks every episode. At the age of 42, a mother of two has surely embraced a successful career, we are sure in the forthcoming years we will see her involvement in another work, not to miss she is also an ambassador of Batey Girls, dedicated to young women victimized by domestic violence & traffic

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