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With the net worth of $178 Million, Dan Brown is one of the richest authors from the United States of America. The American writer is best known for his numerous best-selling books including ‘Origin’, ‘The Lost Symbol’, ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’. According to Dan Brown bio, he was born on June 22, 1964, and that makes the author age to be 54 as of now. His birthplace is Exeter, New Hampshire, the United States.


Now let’s explore about all the facts of American author Brown in depth including his professional life, career, family life, wealth, social networking sites and much more.




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Early Life and Education


Born as Daniel Gerhard Brown in 1964, he grew up with other two siblings named Valerie (younger sister) and Gregory (younger brother). Moving to his education, Brown went to Exeter’s Public School where he studied until grade nine. Later he went to Phillips Exeter Academy. At that academy, Brown father was a mathematics teacher and a writer as well. The American author is fluent in English and Spanish as he has the degree in English and Spanish from Amherst College in 1986.


Career and Professional Life


After accomplishment of his graduation, Brown stepped in the land of music world by turning as a songwriter and also a pop singer. Also, he launched his own record company titled “Dalliance”. Also, he was a teacher at Beverly Hills Preparatory School. Later, he started participating in the events organized by the National Academy of Songwriters.


During the events of National Academy of Songwriters, Brown met Blythe Newlon, the director of Artist Development. Newlon was 23 years senior to him and it was rumored that both of them developed a personal relationship. Newlon as a wife has supported Brown a lot by promoting his projects through contacting peoples and making the press release. Their relationship was disclosed in 1993 and the couple married in 1997. Their marriage ceremony was organized in Porridge Pond, New Hampshire.


Brown launched his CD in 1994 which was titled ‘Angels and Demons’ which he used the name in his novel that was written later. The CD comprised of popular songs like “Here in These Fields” and “All I Believe”. Also, he started teaching Spanish at Lincoln Akerman School after his marriage.


After being engaged in the teaching profession for few years, Brown quit the profession in 1996 and started spending his full-time as a writer. He released several bestselling books like Digital Fortress (1998), The Bald Book (2000), Deception Point (2001) and so on.



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After striking in the writing world, many of his novels were widely appreciated and finally in 2006, his novel titled “The Da Vinci Code” was introduced as a movie the Columbia Pictures. The movie was directed by Ron Howard and accumulated $750 million worldwide.


Dan Brown Wife


Blythe Newlon is the wife of American author Dan Brown. She was born in 1952 and is 12 years elder than Brown. She has always been supportive of her husband since before her marriage. The couple is enjoying their romantic relationship and is blessed with a son named David Chinchilla who landed on this planet on April 30, 1998.


Dan Brown House


With millions of net worth, Dan Brown owns a house in Rye, New Hampshire, the United States. An amazing fact is that his office (where Brown writes) is secretly located behind a painting. The house has secret doors in each turn along with passageways.


Wiki and Facts


Including Wikipedia, many of the wiki sites have presented Brown’s bio on their web pages. His Official Twitter Page is available @authordanbrown where Brown has retained more than 401k followers. Also, you can find him on Instagram @authordanbrown where he has managed to garner more than 73k followers.

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