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Every day when you come home tired, exhausted, you get to relinquish a new cuisine with a new breed of wine. Sounds soothing and interesting right? Marrying a chef can be really advantageous in fact. In your kitchen without having to visit any of the places you get to taste every food from all over the world. You can be a food pro. So, who doesn’t want to marry a Chef Personality? Especially personality like QVC host David Venable. Host of “In the Kitchen with David” sharing his tits and bits recipe with his female audience has made him famous amongst them.

Despite gaining large amount of popularity, David is considered to be single. Is he trying to keep his relationship status on the guessing mode, or is he really wanting to pull off media from daunting his married life? Besides cooking tips and recipe books, David never speaks anything about his personal life which has made his fan wander more about his sexual orientation and current relationship status.

Secretly married to women or a man or to his career? Learn about his undisclosed wife

A 53 year old happy go lucky personality, is wandering in the streets of America terming himself as the “America’s most wanted single man. However, the title got under suspicion radar after he published a poll on this twitter during Valentine week, where he asked his Twitter followers about the favorite gift they would present to their sweetheart followed by the series of option.

The turbulence further rose after he was repeatedly seen with his co-star Tara McConnell. Beside on screen, David frequently publish their picture and momentum on social media. On 2017, August Tara and David was spotted together celebrating Tara’s mother birthday.


However, no confirmation has been made regarding it. Recently David used Instagram to congratulate Tara and her husband on 2018, July 9 on their second wedding anniversary.


This proves that they share a healthy friendship relationship. However there are plenty other women who are drooling over David and willing to marry him. His expertise cooking tips must have surely made them shower with love and care.

His singularity has surely risen the question on his sexual orientation.

The allegation has been laid on the basis if his singularity and good friendship will all his male colleagues.

To be precise if David was gay, if not him, his other partner would surely speak about their ongoing relationship as who would want to quietly duck the relationship with a famous celebrity. So, what we can say is allow him to breathe in peace and let him open up himself. We are sure one day he will proudly share his Wife stories via Social Media or any other medium.

Biography & Net worth

American nationality TV personality David Venable was born on 1964, November 12 at Charlotte, North Carolina. He graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism. After that in 1993, he was immediately hired by QVC, where he started his own food chains and gourmets, through passing of time he started to host his own show “In the Kitchen with David” and sold millions of his own cookbooks.  In 2012, he published book named, “In the Kitchen with David: QVC’s Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home” while after two years i.e. in 2014, he published another cookbook “Back Around the Table: An “In the Kitchen with David” cookbook from QVC’s Resident Foodie.” With such popularity as a host and writer David has managed to stack net worth of more than $1.5 million while his salary from the QVC adds another layer of wealth to his existing net worth.

David is surely a MAMA’s boy, as he entirely gives his cooking skills credit to his beloved mom Sarah.


Similarly, David shares a good bonding with his other families as well. His family comprise of an elder brother, sister in law, father and two nieces. David has shared his family photo taken previous year during the Christmas ceremony.


David is surely a rich man not only in terms of wealth but also in terms of family love and fans love. And yes we do say DAVID is a lucky man, a charmer, a good son, brother and uncle! Not everyone can have such magnetic personality. Even if we try to have one eventually it may turn out to be a fake version instead of looking a realistic one. Such a charmer, we are eager to know about his future life and hope so this time he will surely be sharing with us.

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