Death News and separated holiday for Osburne’s FAM!

Back in February this year, a former judge of X-factor, Sharon Osburne, shared her husband’s health complication to fans through “Twitter”.  A month later, in May, she used the A-listed, talk show program to speak about the disturbing moments she has been going through lately. Business Women and wife to metal singer shared health struggle of Ozzy Osburne through the  T.V show “The talk”.  She claimed, days of 2019, to be “one of the difficult years” to everyone in the family, due to her spouse accident followed by infection on his respiratory tract.  Also, she has hoped this year to be the only year full of challenges for her and to everyone.

In the daytime entertainment event,

“The talk” Ms. Osburne said,” Probably this year has been the toughest year of my life. My husband’s illness,” she began. “His accident has been absolutely devastating to me, to everybody. And it’s definitely been the toughest ride I’ve had so far and I hope the only tough ride. I can’t take any more.”

Being on controversial news buzz for spinal cord operation and poor health for months, Titleholder “Godfather of Heavy Metal”, 71 years old, Ozzy Osbourne fan’s were again disheartened by the news shaking the social media platform’s early in 2019 after singer emergency operation, which had revealed, the singer to be living last hours of his life.

While the news is spreading out in a rampant period, pop culture insider’s also shared claiming the news of the singer to be true. According to the insider, the prince of darkness having severe chronic pain not being able to acknowledge the absence of his wife. Sharon gave a statement against the falsely spread death bed news through the same day time T.V show where she says,” He’s getting better, he’s recuperating”. Further, Ozzy ain’t going anywhere.

Mother to three kids, Sharon has been reported to be spending her holidays with her second child, Kelly(34) in the United Kingdom, leaving sick husband on the hands of eldest and youngest child Amee (36)  and  Jack (34) respectively, back in States. It has been said that since forty years of living together as a husband and wife, the couple had never enjoyed their holiday apart from one another. In addition, it has been found, through the recent interview at Jonattha Rose Show that the separate holiday celebration of Osbourne family is due to Mr. Ozzy’s “not- so- fit- health”.

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