DeStorm Power Age, Songs, Son, Wife, Instagram and Net worth


An American comic actor who is better known for being internet personality, DeStorm Power is the owner of a popular YouTube channel with 2.3 million subscribers on the channel. DeStorm Power popularity is rising as he has been able to retain millions of well-wishers and followers because of versatile nature. A single word would be insufficient to define his profession as he is a musician, YouTube personality, Viner, rapper, songwriter, singer, athlete, comedy artist, actor, ghostwriter, beat boxer and director as well. The young artist has proven his abilities at the different level of works and jobs.


According to DeStorm Power bio, he was born on January 30, 1982, and that makes his age of 36 as of 2018. His songs are mostly Hip Hop and have associated acts with the renowned personalities like Snoop Dogg, Freddie Wong, Ray William Johnson, Boyce Avenue, Christina Grimmie, Talib Kweli and much more.



Early Life


American artist DeStorm Power was born in Arlington County, Virginia and was raised up in Baltimore along with other seven siblings under the custody of his mother. By being involved at Universal, Atlantic Records he used YouTube as a platform to make himself establish as a performer and since then he started singing, writing and presenting verities of innovation through the online community. Most of his videos are typically comedy with the influence of rapping and beatboxing.



DeStorm Power Net worth: How much does he earn?


YouTube personality DeStorm Power has a jaw dropping net worth of $2.5 million dollars. His earnings are generated from several sources as he is a man of versatile nature. Mostly, he earns through his comic videos on the internet and from his songs as well. Every year his earnings and net worth are boosting up due to the increment in the number of the subscriber and his audiences.


Who is DeStorm Power wife?


The name of is DeStorm Power wife is still unrevealed to the public as the YouTube personality has not disclosed about it. But it is confirmed that he is a married person who has turned to be the father of a son. Once Power uploaded a video with caption ‘this is my wife’ which was just the comic tagline for the video itself and thus the entire public is unknown about his personal facts.


Once the vine star Liane Valenzuela best called as ‘Liane V’ was guessed to be DeStorm Power wife but has not been confirmed yet. Talking about the son of this YouTube personality DeStorm Power, his name is Tayvion Power. The Viner has maintained his profile low and hence very short information about him is available. As per some wiki sites, he has married to someone who used to his long time dating girlfriend. The couple must be happily living their wedded life with their blessed child.


Wiki and Facts


DeStorm Power bio is available on many wiki sites including Wikipedia. He is a renowned internet celebrity whose performance is appraised by millions of the user around the world. He is active on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You can like his official Facebook page which is available at DeStormPower Official Facebook Page which is already liked by more than 3.6 million users. Follow DeStorm Power @destorm on Instagram which is already followed by more than 4.1 million Instagram users. For business and official purpose, you can personally email him at his email address [email protected]. Enjoy his songs and comedy videos on his official YouTube channel.

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