Dianna Cohen Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth and Married (Jackson Browne)

Dianna Cohen is co-founder and CEO of the plastic pollution coalition. it is the company that stands against pollution and seeks to reduce pollution created through plastics. Besides the founder of PPC, she is an amazing visual artist, activist, and environmentalist.

Early life and education

Cohen belongs to an eminent family where her father is a filmmaker and her mother is the director of a free clinic in Los angles. Dianna was born in the 1960s where she spent her childhood and grew in Los angles with her family. there is no much information’s regarding her family but she has mentioned her father and nephew Shane Browne in her Facebook account.
walking on the beach is the favorite hobby of Dianna. one day while walking on the beach of an ocean she closely looks towards the garbage and plastic wastage which was degrading the environment. it was the early decision of Cohen to reuse plastic garbage as well as use it in visual artists.

Before choosing art, she was a student of biology at (UCLA) University of California, Los angles. she has completed her high school at Beverly Hills high school.

Height Weight and Body Measurement

Dianna Cohen is a public figure therefore everyone is curious to know her Daily routine care with her body appearances and personality. here actual body measurement of Cohen hasn’t revealed as well as her weight and height. looking at her body appearance and personality she has blessed with perfect height and weight.

Personal life and career

Recently Dianna is with Jackson Browne who is a celebrity of entertainment in America. the couple started their relationships in 1990 and live happily till today. both of them are kindhearted and have engaged themselves in charity functions.

Career quest of Dianna Cohen

when Cohen was roaming around the ocean beach at that time, she has thought of reusing and utilizing the plastic garbage. She knew the drawbacks and damages created by plastics in our society, environment, and health. Therefore, she decided to included plastics in the visual art of her college projects meanwhile contribute to making the environment clean and healthy.
she is a great fan of Sylvia who is a famous oceanographer and explorer. Dianna was impressed with Sylvia Earle where she follows the path of Earle and conducts many awareness campaigns, refills revolution. she also requests to use degradable waste in options to plastic materials.
after, all her efforts she became a member of a non-profitable organization that works in the favor of the public. finally, her destiny has taken her towards the greatest achievement of her life as a chief executive officer of PPC i.e. plastic pollution coalition, and co-chair of MoMA Jas.

Income and Net Worth of Dianna Cohen

The exact income and site of sources have not revealed as she also invests in some charity in meantime has a total net worth of 18 million USD.

Social sites of Cohen

Being a public figure, she uses social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she shares her information’s, awareness messages and campaign info’s, etc. her Facebook account, has a list of 1175 friends, where she has 4178 followers, 23.9k tweets, and 1671 following in the interim her Twitter account was activated on October 2009. she has 617 posts, 11.3k followers, and 2921 following in her Instagram account.R

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