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The bio of Dolores Catania represents her to be an actress and a successful women entrepreneur as well. She grabbed more popularity as she became one of the contestants during the sevenths season of the reality show entitled ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’. Her entrepreneurial role is mainly focused on fitness activities and therefore Catania owns numerous fitness centers being co-founded with her former husband. Dolores Catania wiki shows to be experienced in working as a surgical technician, licensed realtor and a correction officer too. Belonging to the Italian Irish ethnicity background, Catania’s nationality is American.

The American actress was born December 28, 1970, which makes Dolores Catania age be 47 years old as of now. What a brilliant personality, she is good performing at the funny reality show. The most sensible, dedicated, committed, inspiring, motivating and hardworking Catania is one of the inspiring women personality. Let’s find in detail about Catania’s bio below:



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Early Life and Education

Catania was born in 1970 to American parents belonging to the Italian Irish ethnicity background. Considering her date of birth/ birthday, her birth sign is Capricorn. Her birthplace is in Paterson, New Jersey. She spent her childhood days in her own hometown and has been guided seriously by her parents.

Talking about her education, she went to New Jersey School and completed her schooling from there. For pursuing her higher education, Catania attended Seton Hall University where her major subject was gambling law.

Career and Professional Life

By profession, one can call Catania as a reality star, actress and a successful entrepreneur. From her successful professional life, Dolores Catania has amassed a healthy amount of net worth which she has been utilizing towards philanthropy activities being involved in several charity programs.



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Before the rise
The 47 years old reality star wasn’t popular before being the member of “the Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Exploring her biography, she used to work as a correction officer. The multitalented and dedicated actress is also a licensed surgical technician and realtor. One needs to learn the importance of hard-working and struggle in life by realizing the success of Catania.

Entrepreneurial role
As an entrepreneur, Catania is the owner of numerous fitness centers which she established in collaboration with her former husband named Frank. In December 2016, she opened another new gym station named ‘Powerhouse Fitness Center of Whippany’ in collaboration with Frank which is based in West Whippany, New Jersey.

The rise in the limelight
Becoming the part of the seventh season of Bravo TV’s ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’, she acquired all sorts of popularity that she truly deserves. The show was mainly focused on presenting the daily lives of NJ housewives. It was seen that how Dolores Catania cares her children and runs her household activities. The show started in 2009 and is still airing the Bravo TV network. All the credit of the successful professional life of the actress goes to the show.

Personal Life

Her personal gossips including Dolores Catania boyfriend details are the matter of curiosity to the public. As of now she is living a divorced life and is probably free from the headache of relationship and unnecessary tensions.

Who is Dolores Catania’s ex-husband?
He is none other than Frank Catania with whom Catania shared 15 years of married life. According to some sources, Dolores and her former spouse Frank still reside together. Seems like, they are still good friends still after terminating their married life. Dolores is happy as Frank pays the bills, handles the household activities like doing the dishes and mopping the floor. It is said that Franks even handles his former wife’s appointments at the home.

Dolores Catania children
During her conjugal life, the couple welcomed their first child as a daughter named Gabrielle Catania on September 25, 1995. Likewise, she gave birth to her son named Frankie Catania on October 8, 1998.

Catania’s new boyfriend
After the divorce, Dolores Catania is said to be dating her boyfriend named Dr. David Principe. They have been in the relationship for more than a year and are happy for each other. However, they haven’t thought of getting married but are very supportive of each other’s personal and professional life.



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Body Measurements

Dolores Catania has a perfect height of 5 feet and 4 inches and is a fitness-conscious person. Her weight is 156lbs which she wished to control below 140lbs. She stated that she would be happy she could lose some 15 to 20 pounds. She admits that being a reality star and a gym owner, she must maintain her weight to a balanced level. The major reasons for Dolores’s weight gain are said to be her overeating habits and not being conscious of what she is doing. There are rumors in the town about her weight loss surgery.

Salary and Net worth

Dolores Catania net worth is estimated to be around 3.7 million USD which offers her to live a luxurious and high-profile life. Apart from her salary form the television roles, she generates an enormous amount of money from her entre[preurial works as an owner of fitness clubs and gym. She has also garnered an impressive amount of earnings from her past profession as technician and realtor. This handsome figure of worth has made Dolores a social worker being involved in various charities as a philanthropist.

Wiki and Facts

Many of the popular wiki sites have presented Dolores Catania’s biography but still, her profile is missing in Wikipedia. Join her on Instagram @dolorescatania and on Twitter @DoloresCatania where she has amassed more than 220k and 48k followers respectively as of now. You can also join her on Facebook through her official Facebook page @DoloresCataniaNJ. For inquiries, contact her at [email protected].

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