Dominic Gutierrez Bio, Age, Wiki, WWE, Height and Rey Mysterio

Dominic Gutierrez is the son of world-famous wrestler Rey Mysterio. Following his father’s footsteps, Dominic is hoping to make a huge career in wrestling. For that incomparable success, he has already set a great foundation. Rey is currently training Dominic for WWE under his own supervision. Gutierrez began his pro-wrestling training for WWE in 2017. Blessed with a good height and robust body the man is ready to make it big in wrestling just like his iconic father.

Early Life and Education

The young lad was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had a splendid childhood and was brought up in an amazingly sophisticated lifestyle.

Dominic’s birth and childhood wiki: How old is dominic mysterio
As per the bio, Dominic was born on 5th April 1997 making his current age 21. He is the son of Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez. Dominic’s parents were married in 1996, a year before his birth. He has a younger sister named Aalyah. Dominic has recently completed his high schooling. There are no further plans of enrolling for graduation any time soon.

Career and Professional Life

Dominic has been engaged in his pro-wrestling training since a year. Before this also, he used to play for his school team and has won several competitions.

Gutierrez’s training sessions
Rey made his son be a part of pro-wrestling training only after he completed high school. He is being prepared in a spectacular way for WWE format. Rey has also been sharing his personal knowledge, tips, tricks, and experiences with Dominic in order to help him. It is estimated that the young wrestler will begin his career in WWE in 2022. Till then he has to work hard in order to follow his father’s success pathway. Rey is quite confident about his son and hopes that he will make a bigger WWE career.

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Personal Life

Dominic is currently in the most crucial phase of his life. At this stage, it is quite often that he will be pulled up in few rumors and linkups.

The young lad’s love life
Dominic has been clicked often with his sweetheart. The duo has made a lot of public appearances together which gives us a hint that they are dating each other. Dominic has not confirmed anything related to his relationship and the lady love is still a secret. It is thought that Dominic’s girlfriend is his childhood sweetheart.

Body Measurements

The young lad has an amazingly robust physique with a towering height. His chiseled body is sculpted by biceps, triceps, and abs.

Dominic’s physical appearance
Gutierrez has a height of 5 feet 11 inches and his body weighs 75kg. The lad’s chest measurement is 47 inches and biceps measure 17.5 inches. He has been working out since a comparatively smaller age in order to get this sculpted body. He has a fair skin tone complemented at its best by black hair and dark brown eyes. Dominic resembles his father Rey Mysterio in looks and body.

Salary and Net worth

Currently, Dominic is not earning sue to which he does not have his own net worth value. But then, of course, he is an heir of his father’s valuable property.

Dominic’s estimated future earnings
On the basis of Dominic’s amazing training and unmatchable wrestling skills, it can be said that he is going to be a next big thing in WWE. He might be one of the finest wrestlers and earn millions of dollars just like his father.

Wiki and Facts

Dominic has not officially begun the official career yet but his bio is already a prior choice of several celebrity sites.

Gutierrez’s social life
The lad is busy in building up a good foundation for his career and that’s why he does not have any time for social networking sites. Maybe he will make a good use of them later on.

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