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Hard work and dedication leaves no one behind from embracing success. Continuous effort, dedication and rigid will power to achieve success do materialize the feed effort securing one’s future. Sticking on the same “hard work theory” Meteorologist Dough Kammerer is currently working as a chief meteorologist for NBC 4 Network in Macon, Ga. A victorious career made him a famous as a “Weather Junkie” and a self-declared “Weather Weenie”.

Besides, “Be different”, “Do different” and “Think differently”, is his well-adopted motto of weather gangsta Kammerer. Unlike usual weather forecasting style, Dough holds a different status. Sitting in a weather room filled with a cameraman, showcasing weather report is not just his style. You can surely somewhat imagine his personality by now. Yes, a totally sporty and gullible person who makes his work interesting and tempting.

Definitely a personality who can influence people to become and achieve better in life. So, today we will be exploring Dough Kammerer personal life (not to miss out his married life) followed by his age, salary, bio, and net worth.

What fascinating does Dough Kammerer adopts to keep his viewer entertained?

Unlike boring and monotonous weather reporting, Dough Kammerer adopted an unusual way of the forecasting weather report. Past few months i.e. from February 2018, NBC 4 meteorologist Dough has been exploring around DC area and spotting new places for weather forecasting. Working together with the studio members Dough includes local community members through live interviews.

Just recently, Kammerer chose Skate Quest, in Reston, Virginia. Adding more fun to the reporting, Dough sneaked in for hockey games with the local kids. The weather report was basically conducted with the intentions to promote the Winter Olympics on NBC.

Proud Career, how proud Dough Kammerer Married life is?

Even at the age of 53, Kammerer gives a sturdy appearance. His maintained physique has baffled many regarding his age and his marital status. Well, sad news for his female fans, Dough is a happily married man. He married his longtime girlfriend Holly Roel Kammerer, a reporter whom he had met during his initial career phase in Macon, Ga while working together in a TV station. His wife was also crowned as Miss Georgia Teen while she was crowned as second runner up in at Miss Teen USA in 1990. The dough has not revealed his marriage year nor destination.

From the said marriage Dough got blessed with two lovely children a boy and a girl, whose name and birth year is not disclosed. But yes, the proud father has never kept away from the media spotlight. He has been sharing and spending quality time with both of his children and wife.

Constant post in social media denotes his happy married life. His married life has neither been struck by the affair rumors nor ever been dragged to divorce criteria. We pray for longevity in his married life and prosperous family life in the future.

Details of Dough Kammerer Salary & Net Worth

Like other Chief Meteorologist, Dough too might be earning a handsome salary in Millions.  In 2003, he joined NBC affiliate and later switched to CBS-3 after four years working in NBC i.e. 2007. In 2010, he got an opportunity to work in WRC-TV located in Washington DC, Georgia, Orlando, Macon, Jacksonville, and Philadelphia. He is one of the most desired meteorologists and currently he is working with NBC 4 as their chief meteorologist.

By 2018, we are sure he might have staked hefty amount of net worth including a large share of assets and investment. The dough has never revealed anything about his financial summary so far, but we can pretty much assume the man is living a wealthy life. He is a man who thoroughly is enjoying his professional life. His net worth is not only confined to the monetary numbers but has enhanced in terms of goodwill.

Biography of Dough Kammerer

The dough was born at Herndon, Virginia, the US in May 1975. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Meteorology. He is an American nationality and famously known as “Weather Winnie”. He is known as the youngest weather forecaster in Washington DC. He is also a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal from American Meteorologist Society. Beside weather forecasting, he is also a writer and has published a book named “Average Dough: My Take on America: From Politics and Government to Society”. Besides, weather forecasting he is also involved in Social Works. He is also actively present on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where he exchanges his personal ideology, family pictures, work-related thoughts and many more.

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