is Drena De Niro Married? Age, Biological Father, Net worth

According to information found on some online sources, it is rumored that Drena De Niro’s husband is named Austin Young. However, there is no verified information available about their married life or current relationship status. It is worth noting that rumors and speculation about celebrities’ personal lives should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are often based on hearsay and unconfirmed reports. It is also reported that Drena De Niro has a son named Leandro De Niro Rodriguez.

Who is Drena De Niro?

Drena De Niro is a multifaceted artist who uses her talent to explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, challenging the traditional notions of storytelling. Her work as an actress and producer pushes the boundaries of conventional cinema and creates a new form of immersive experience that blurs the line between the audience and the narrative. Her art invites the viewers to participate actively in the creation of the story, using their imagination and emotions to shape the final outcome. In this way, Drena De Niro’s work represents a new form of collaborative storytelling that reflects the complexity and diversity of our contemporary society.


Drena De Niro’s parents are Robert De Niro, a legendary actor, and Diahnne Abbott, an actress and singer. Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott were married from 1976 to 1988 and had two children together, Drena and her brother Raphael. In addition to Drena, Robert De Niro has four other children from different relationships. Robert De Niro is widely considered one of the greatest actors of all time and has appeared in numerous iconic films throughout his career, including “The Godfather Part II,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” and “Goodfellas,” among many others.

Drena De Niro

Biological Father

Drena De Niro’s biological father is not publicly known. Drena’s mother, Diahnne Abbott, was previously married to a man named Carlos Hermosillo, and it is sometimes speculated that he may be Drena’s biological father. However, this has never been confirmed. After her divorce from Hermosillo, Abbott began a relationship with Robert De Niro, who later adopted Drena and her brother Raphael. Drena considers Robert De Niro to be her father and has had a close relationship with him throughout her life.

Net worth

Drena De Niro has an estimated net worth around $2.5 million USD. It’s worth noting that net worth estimates can fluctuate over time and may not be entirely accurate, as they are often based on publicly available information and can be difficult to verify. Drena De Niro’s net worth may also be influenced by various factors, such as her acting and producing work, endorsements, and other sources of income.

Wiki and Facts

The biography of Drena De Niro is prepared by various wiki sites including Wikipedia. Find het on Instagram @drenadeniro where she has garnered more than 17k people.

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