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Edward Butera (age 60) was born on September 20, 1958, in Florida, the United States. He is recognized for being the dad of popular American singer and actress Ariana Grande. His wife Joan is an Instagram star and has been popular as an internet sensation. Edward Butera nationality is American and possibly is of Italian descent when his ethnicity is concerned. According to Edward Butera biography, he is the founder of IBI Designs, Inc. which has been successfully operating its activities in the United States. Let’s explore in detail about Butera wiki including his early life, professional life, personal life, earnings, net worth and other interesting facts:



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Early Life and Education

Ariana Grande’s father was born as Edward Charles Butera (real name) in 1958. He is an Italian-American and was born to the parents named Florence and Anthony. He was raised up in Maplewood, New Jersey. Talking about his education, he attended NYIT and completed his graduate studies majoring in advertising and design.

Career and Professional Life

By profession, Edward is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and an entrepreneur. After completion of his University graduation, he started working at various design companies based in New York City. As of now, he is the owner of IBI Designs, Inc.

Personal Life

Edward Butera was married to Joan Grande with whom he met first during early 90’s. The couple later moved in 1993 to Florida in Boca Raton. The couple welcomed their daughter Ariana Grande on June 26, 1993, who is now 24 years old. The family was together for a long time but later separated in the early 2000’s. Edward is the stepdad to Frankie Grande who is Joan‘s son born from her previous marriage.

Relationship with daughter Ariana
How is Butera’s relationship with his daughter Ariana who is a renowned singer and actress? Analysing their social media profile, the father-daughter relationship is too good and Ariana seems to love her father a lot. Even Edward has made Ariana on his Twitter icon. It is said that Ariana once handed her dad a signed picture where she wrote “I Love You” for six times. The loving father has always supported her daughter and was once appeared Ariana’s performance during A Snow White Christmas.



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Edward has Ariana’s name printed shirt and once updated a picture of them wishing Ariana’s birthday. In 2014’s Father Day, Ariana tweeted a post dedicated to her father expressing her love towards him. Together Edward and Ariana have made a painting together.

Body Measurements

Edward has a perfect height and has maintained a good physique so far. His exact weight, height, shoe size are not clear.

Salary and Net worth

The owner of IBI Designs, Inc. Edward Butera has an impressive net worth amassed from his professional life as an entrepreneur, photographer and graphic designer. However, Edward’s net worth is still under review. Talking about his daughter Ariana’s worth, it is estimated to be around 10 million USD.

Wiki and Facts

Ariana’s dad is often called by the name Ed and Eddie from his mates and close ones. His biography is not available on Wikipedia as of now but many of other wiki sites have presented Edward Butera profile on their web pages. Join him on Instagram @captaineddieb and on Twitter @captaineddieb where he has garnered more than 186 and 51,100 followers respectively

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