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Born as Eike Fuhrken Batista da Silva, he is a Brazilian business magnate who is best known for being the CEO of EBX Group. The EBX Group is the combination of six renowned companies including CCX (coal mining), MMX (mining), OSX (offshore industry) and OGX (oil). Eike Batista is successful in managing these companies as the chairman and is the role model for thousands of investors and students of business faculties. According to Eike Batista wiki, he was born on 3 November 1956 and that makes his present age be 61 as of now. His birthplace is in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil. His ethnicity is white and for sure Batista’s nationality is Brazilian. As of now, the business tycoon resides in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s find and explore in detail about Eike Batista net worth and other facts.



Early Life and Education


Eike Batista was born in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais to the parents named Jutta Fuhrken (mother) and Eliezer Batista da Silva (father). He was raised up with other six siblings and was the second child of his parents. His father was Minister of Mines and Energy and is also a former president of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce. Similarly, his mother is from Germany and has always supported Eliezer Batista. This family background proves that the talents in business is in his blood.


During his childhood, Batista moved to Europe along with his entire family members because of his father’s business activities. He has resided in several places like Düsseldorf and Brussels during his teenage days. Talking about his education, Batista went to at the University of Aachen in Germany in order to complete his metallurgical engineering. His father has always inspired and showed him a correct destination to step ahead in his career.


Career and Professional Life


Despite being a rich-man son, Batista used to work as an insurance agent and used to knock on people’s door to sell insurance policies. He used to make his money himself and was independent at a very young age.


In the early of 1980’s, Batista returned back to his native land after accomplishing his education. He developed a keen interest in working as a gold and diamond traders. Soon, he started marketing and maintaining relations with producers nearby Amazon. He targeted the customers in in large metropolitan centers in Brazil and even in many other European countries. In 1979, he initiated his own gold firm named “Autram Aurem.” The company made Inca Sun as its trademark and within a short period of time, the firm was able to generate millions of net profits.


By the time, Batista was 25 years old, he was the chief executive officer of TVX Gold. The company was listed on Canadian Stock Exchange and from there he was able to interact with international capital markets. He was able to establish numerous gold mines in Canada and Brazil from which Batista generated more than 20 billion USD.



How Much is Eike Batista’s Net worth?


Business emperor Eike Batista’s net worth is 200 million USD. Billionaire Batista has been counted in the list of richest people in the world. Forbes magazines named him as the 8th richest person during which his net worth had reached to 30 billion USD. In September 2011, Batista became the only Brazilian to be on the list of top 50 influencing people in global finance.


During his long successful business life, Batista has to suffer from the economic recession but he never loosed his hope. His business loss in 2013 was considered as historic by the Bloomberg News. During the unfavorable period, Batista claimed that he would leave no creditor unpaid and is responsible to make his financial obligation fulfilled. Everyone was shocked by the news on 9 February 2015 during which the Brazilian police captured Batista’s seven cars and cash.


Who is Eike Batista’s Wife?


Moving to his personal life, Eike Batista’s wife name is Luma de Oliveira with whom he divorced in 2004. The couple were in love with each other and organized their marriage ceremony in 1991. Oliveira is a formal model and actress born on December 10, 1964. Batista and his wife’s relation was not going well which led them to get divorced from each other. From their conjugal life, Batista is blessed by two children named Olin Batista and Thor Batista. Eike Batista’s eldest son Thor was born in 1992 whereas his youngest son Olin was born December 16, 1995.




In the early of 2017, the business tycoon was arrested along with other eight people during the investigation of money laundering. Eike Batista was returned to his house in April of the year.


Wiki and Facts


The inspiration to thousands of business learners, Batista’s profile, and facts have been mentioned by many of the wiki sites including Wikipedia. You can follow him on Twitter @eikebatista where he has managed to garner more than a million of followers. You can get his latest captured photographs and updates on his official Instagram account @eiketudopelobrasil.

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