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Not every love story has a happy ending nor does it have a brutal ending. Amerian anchor Elizabeth Vargas despite being blessed by marriage line on her fate, unfortunately, had a sad ending on 2014. The unsudden breakage in marriage might have left her aghast or might have made her learn a good lesson to move ahead in her life.

Now the question arises, is she still single or hitched with a new man. To know more about her life stick on to the article.

Divorced with her ex-beau: single or happily again married?

On July 20, 2002, Elizabeth had married the famous songwriter Marc Cohn after dating for several years. The marriage during the period was sailing on a smooth note while she gave birth to two lovely children Zachary Raphel Cohn and Samuel Wyatt Cohns.

The marriage could only sustain for 12 years making them finally head for divorce in August 2014. Though none of them revealed the real cause of their divorce later in 201, the real reason for divorce is into the light, where Marc spoke about the heavy drinking habit of Vargus disrupting their life. As stated by a source he said;

Elizabeth has always had, and will always have my support, especially in regards to her recovery. I have tried my best to protect our family during the course of this very complex and challenging journey, and that has included honoring Elizabeth’s privacy. Now I applaud her efforts to shed some light on the link between anxiety and alcoholism, which I imagine will help countless numbers of people and families.

While the TV anchor spilled out her agony on divorce,

“It was brutally difficult. I think anyone can imagine what that felt like.”

On a show ABC 20/20, Elizabeth shared her alcoholic story. She shared how it had brutally affected her life and how she had struggled to come out of it, spilling more about her affected married life.

At present Marc is still single and heavily involved in his music career while Elizabeth too is concentrating on her TV career. Both the pair though are divorced, they are taking full care of their two children and sharing healthy friendship with each other.

The mother of two beautiful boys was seen celebrating their birthday.



Well, looks like Elizabeth is not interested in sharing her love space with any other men beside her two beautiful handsome men; her son. Though she has been sharing some close-knit pictures with her co-stars and guest, it does not signify her to be in a dating game.


So pals, maybe when her boys are grown up and head for college she will give her love life another chance till then let her enjoy her motherhood.


Know more about her bio, wiki & net worth:

Elizabeth Vargas is currently 55 years of age. She was born on September 6, 1962, at Peterson, New Jersey, America. She is an attractive personality with a height of 5 ft 10 inch and a weight of 58kg.

Elizabeth stepped to a reporting career as NBC reporter for affiliated KOMU-TV while in 1993 she transferred to NBC News as a correspondent reporter. In 2003, she switched her company and moved to WNT Sunday and resigned in 2006. Currently, she is working for ABC news as 20/20 reporter and hosting ABC specials.

In 1993 she received Emmy Award for outstanding news coverage. She also has published a book named “Between Breaths: A Memoir of Pani and Addiction” based on her personal life.

Elizabeth’s salary is estimated to be around $750000 while her net worth is said to be $3 million. She is an active person, therefore she has large number of followers on Twitter! To know more about her bio, her fan can scroll Wikipedia.



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