Engaged! Reality star Jason Carrion & actress Roxxanne Pallett get privately engaged

Television Personality, Jason Carrion’s private engagement to his girlfriend Roxxanne Pallett, is out in public. The picture revealed from his official non-public Instagram account gave hits of his prep to be a bridegroom again. The thirty-three-year-old star was found expressing his feelings to his fiancé with heart-melting words straight out of his own heart and had shared this exciting news to his closed ones with a “caption-quote” from a classic love story.

“Married at First Sight, the actor wrote, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much. The caption gets more romantic down the line when it reads, “when I said you’re the love of my life I truly meant that. You get me more than anyone ever has and ever will,” “I know my mom is looking down on us smiling because she knows that her son has someone I can truly call family.” He concludes the caption with @To my fiancé @Roxxanne with cute little heart.

During the month of March, this year, the TV personality was on news for his end to the “Fairytale” love story with now ex-wife Cortney Hendrix. With People magazine this year, the TV personality had shared, he and Cortney have agreed to select a separate pathway and to end their “fairytale” five-year marriage.”Within less than twelve months of the split, the Carrion proposed his former girlfriend in a similar way as Rocky proposes Adrian in the movie Rocky-II. This may be early moved to some of his fans yet they and we all wish the newly engaged couples a very blissful life ahead.


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