Eric Decker denied allegations on cheating his wife Jessie James Decker!

Had Slamed the allegation via social media!

Eric Decker, 31 years old football player confessed the Twitter users after they accused him of cheating his
own wife Jessie James back on September 26, 2018. The user had claimed about having a strong friendship
with the girl with whom he had hooked up in a club beside his wife. Even though the tweet was deleted
it did catch the eye of a football player.

In reply to the tweet, the father politely stated about jamming and hooking up in “The Mickey Mouse
Club House” ( a kid tv show), asking the user to thoroughly check the fact before pointing on someone’s
character. The NFL star said,

” Sorry lady the only club I’ve been jammin is The Mickey Mouse Club
House!,That’s a kids TV show for the non-parents Make sure your ‘friends’ check their facts.”

Jessica and Eric got married in 2013 and happily welcomed their first child in 2014 March, 14 to a
lovely daughter Vivianne Rose. Besides, a daughter they have two sons Eric, 3years old and Forest
who is just six months old.

Eric back in date had proved to be a fantastic dad as stated by wife Jessie. He proved to be a right hand
of the mother and helped her accomplish every tit bits chores of the children.

Jessie, to keep her husband on a check, frequently sends picture and reminder of the consequences she had to face after cheating her. Through her Instagram post, she shared a picture of a chopped
sausage with a big knife with a caption,

“ Sometimes I’d like to send pictures to Eric as a reminder of what would happen if he ever cheated.”

Well, the allegations never come to an end. Being a public figure,  and staying low key life or staying surfacely in media is both ways dangerous. As you never know when one gets into trouble or when
one’s character gets assassinated.

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