Fast Furious 9: Release date, Cast & Crew, Movie teaser

This 2020, get ready to go for a roller coaster ride. Buck up for the mega buster Fast & Furious 9! Willing to know more about the movie & the reason for its date being pushed?

You just can’t escape the tentative title for the ninth movie of the Fast & Furious series. To climb on the 9th ladder, it took eight movies for the franchise to land with another dedicated version. The entire season for 2020 is dedicated more to Hobs & Shaw.

Though the previous version was very much centric to Vin Diesel, the adventure is sure, to begin with, the throttle of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham characters Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs before the next main series continues in the following years.

Since, its first release back in 2001, the story is inclining its success in box office gross, critical reactions, and scope. The sudden leaps and bound of the franchise have successfully managed to grab Oscar winners Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, superstar Gal Gadot, popular actors Luke Evans and big-time action players Statham and Johnson.

The story of Fast & Furious hasn’t much changed since the tragic death of co-star Paul Walker in series 7. The sequence still revolves around the ex-inmate Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his enlarged ménage.

Very few of us knew the release date of Hobbs & Shaw was 2019, but the Universal decided to bump and push the due date to 2020, May 9, still, a year & a half more to pick the left pieces of 2017 remaining.

2017, guesswork did partial justice while the assumption was entirely back-lashed. 2020’s plot still remains a hidden mystery. We still are not sure about the thrilling conspiracy and its casting details.  Keeping the 2017’s pivotal on the mind, for now, we have managed to snuggle every aspect of the movie.

Fast Furious 9 release date; Excited to book tickets before it gets house full?

A little longer! Yes, a little more. The only motivation to keep yourself composed, calm and relaxed. Don’t get impatient, for the release dates of Fast Furious 9 is pushed back till 2020, May 22.

Seems like Universal is testing the level of patience of its viewers! You know, when you are slight hungry and you force to starve for a little longer, even an ordinary burger lingers your palette giving you a heavenly feeling.

Looks like Universal is trying to create some kind of starvation & heavenly concept by pushing its release date six weeks away from 2020, April 10.

And the reason for postponing the movie is purely due to business purpose, as the Bond25 is making some alteration which is requesting a few more time for business prosperity.

Not to miss, Universal is distributing 007’s next adventure, so to avoid a clash, they shifted the 9th edition. For the Bond lovers, the date 2020, April 10 has been booked for Bond 25, the live adaptation of Ian Fleming’s novel series.

Universal is not that business dope to release their own production on the same day and distribute their viewers. It obviously leads to financial sharing which ultimately declines the box office collection of each individual movie.

The movie, for the viewers, are produced for the entertainment purpose, but for producers, it is all business.

Any possibility of Hobbs returning in the Furious Franchise 9?

Oops, someone did become a mother hen during the production of The Fate of the Furious, which Hobbs didn’t at all like. And guess who? The Rock, our Diesel King’s butting habit developed complications which prevented such great actors from sharing the screen together.

A sudden confirmation was made, as he won’t be reprising the character of Luke Hobbs for series 9. But, with eagerness Johnson has shown interest in willingness to expand his section with the newest sequel, assuming for a successful follow-up.

A clear distinction could be made on the Fate of the Furious, where the movie struggled to keep a balance between the characters of Vin & Hobbs, so its better if they work separately instead of knocking each other down.

We believe this to be a clear indication of business failure in the nearest future if things are not sorted immediately.

Is the Fast & Furious 9 trailer under a loop?

As a matter of fact, the shooting for edition 9 has not yet started. So, the releasing of a teaser on an immediate basis is next to impossible.

We all the know funky side of Vin. He is a man who mostly prefers to keep a cat inside a bag, rather than exposing it immediately. So, we can pretty much assume that he might be keeping the stimulating peak look of the movie image when filming begins.

However, the actual trailer won’t be seen anywhere till the end of 2019. And just forget about it being attached with any of the scenes of Hobbs & Shaw, this August.

Before the teaser release of Furious 9, there are some famous movies like Jumanji 3, Star Wars: Episode IX, standing in a queue all set to get featured in December.

Is Hobbs & Shawn a part of Fast & Furious 9?

Nope! These are two different movies.  It’s like confusing, and even we understand. After every subject matter of Fast & Furious 9, we immediately pounce on Hobbs & Shawn which more or less has started to confuse every reader

While few might have gained the impression that Hobbs & Shawn has replaced Furious 9? The misperception began after another Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson criticized Johnson for making a spinoff, which did spread a clear indication to many that edition 9 has been pulled down.

Not in the wildest dream fellas, not when director Justin Lin is getting back to direct its sequel & writer Daniel Casey is all set back to write every characters and dialogue. By now we can pretty much predict, the movie is way behind before releasing its baby venture.

Will Fast & Furious 10 be the final series in  2021?

Well, for now as per the rumors, the production house is planning to sum up the movie in its 10th series. But similar news had sparked stating that the Fast & Furious 9th and the 10th episode will be filmed back to back, which by now is no longer in the card.

Bragging personality of Vin addressed the media that Lin is already set to direct Fast & Furious 10, which softly hints the final stage will be the installment of the ninth one.

From the aforesaid story, we did abstract good news. We will still get to cherish season 10 of the famous movies. For now, we can sit back and relax. The movie is in no hurry to create it exist sequel.

We are sure that Universal will be working more on the Fast & Furious sequel with more captivating stories in the future. Yes, the legacy will further continue!

What are the other Fast & Furious upcoming projects?

Beside Hobbs & Shaw, Fast & Furious 9 & 10, there is another yet untitled project lining in the downstream of the Universal.

The unaddressed movie is a women-oriented spin-off and three of the female writers are totally into the script filled with fashion.

Diesel previously acknowledged that spin-off related to F& F are related with several characters, so we are not sure about the fast & furious spin-off caste for this movie.

However, like the movie, is a women related movie, we are sure the writers intend to show every women caste a bit fearless, brave, shy, beautiful, wacky, interesting and full of life.

When looking behind, we have never seen any meek personality aired in any of the movies, what we have seen is damn strong, benevolent mixed with serenity people in the movie.

What is the Box Office collection of Fast & Furious so far?

The movie has surprised us on many levels. The last two movies did the business of more than $1 billion.

While the Fast & Furious 6 grabbed a delightful opening and accumulated wealth of $97 million over the three-day weekend and made $117 million on the next proceeding four-day holiday.

So, with the inclining collection graph we are sure, the Fast & Furious 9 is sure to grab a business of more than $10 billion across the globe. This can even go high, as this is just an assumed figure based on the increasing success. Every Fast & Furious movie are released world-wide in several languages.

Summing up, how many of you are alive just because of Fast & Furious movies? Well, count us too, we have been the greatest fan of this movie and we are looking forward to settling the left-over pieces in 2020, May 22.

Hope so this time the dates don’t change. Else, every fan is sure to get devastated. You know how painful it is when you have to wait when you have to keep on waiting for the things you like.

One gets frustrated especially when weirdo artificial sneak peeks hit the media. Fake images, storylines, assumed stories are the worst version of it.  Final words, for fans, stay positive and light, we will soon get to see the extravagance story of Fast & Furious 9!

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