Flippin Katie Age, Family, Dance and Height


Very few people have been able to recognize themselves as a star with their own effort and within a short period of time and so is YouTube star, Flippin Katie. You may be surprised about the fact that Flippin Katie is too young beyond your imagination i.e. she is just at the age of 13 being born on 25th June 2004. This internet star is too young that she is not qualified to issue her country’s citizenship. She was born in the United States in a supporting family. Jill and Mike are the names of her parents. She is being raised along with her two brothers who have also been appeared in Katie’s channel.


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Professional Life and Career

It seems odd talking about the career and professional life of someone who is at the age of 13 and had just stepped in her teenage. But this phenomenon goes wrong in the case of the internet star Flippin Katie. Katie is a professional YouTube star who has been subscribed by thousands of followers. Some of her videos on YouTube have gone viral and have been watched by mass of the people on the internet.


Talking deeply about her internet career, Katie professionally started uploading videos on the internet since May of 2015. Within few months from that, she was able to retain a large number of the subscriber. Most of her videos are viral including ‘The Great Watermelon Challenge(s)’ which has been viewed by more than 2 million of people.


YouTube presenter Katie is working with Annie Grace of Bratayley for making several videos. Both of them are working as a team and has appeared together on many YouTube videos.


Internet star Flippin Katie thanks her family members for their supportive roles in her professional life. Being followed by a large number of people. Katie is rewarded with the surname ‘The Great.’ As a teenage Flippin Katie has a deep interest in dance and gymnast. Further, she is said to be a great swimmer and is also level eight gymnast.


Personal Appearance

Flippin Katie is young and is at her growing stage which makes her height and weight unstable as they are increasing every year. There is no relevant information about her body measurements. She is pretty and charming who can attract the mass number of people through her cuteness. We may be able to give her exact and stable height as she crosses her teenage.


Is Flippin Katie dating someone?

This young internet star is not competent for being in the relationship as of 2017. She might have a crush on someone but is damn sure that she is single as of her innocence nature and age. Hope she will get a loving boyfriend after dew years who could support and uplift her career. At present, she is happy being engaged in dance, swimming, and gymnastics. Very few wiki sites have been able to provide Flippin Katie bio as there are no sufficient facts about this child internet star.


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