Is Futuristic Polar Bears Married? His Bio, Age, Wife and Net worth

Is Futuristic Polar Bears married? Yes, he is. He is a married man and is the father of a kid.  He has been in a happily married union for a long time and is married to his teenage sweetheart. Not much has been known about his wife and the only kid due to his reserved and privacy-loving nature. They are currently residing in London with Futuristic Polar Bears’ parents. Futuristic Polar Bears has been captured a lot of times in the camera but not of his any family member has made to the public portals yet.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Handsome hunk Futursituic Polar Bears is one of those typical British-looking men with a fair and milky complexion with a hint of red on his face and a tall body. His height is 1.9 meters and weighs around 87 kilograms. Having a well-built athletic structure and a muscular body type, Futuristic Polar Bears gives an impression of a bodybuilder through his physique. Brown eyes and brown hair which is usually covered with a cap and brown thick and long beard is his signature look.

Futuristic Polar Bears Image

He goes through vigorous training in order to maintain his body and also believes in a disciplined diet plan. Futuristic Polar Bears has always been an ambassador of good health.  His social media posts have a lot of things related to this routine his exercising photos, food stories, and a lot of gymming videos in his stories.

Professional Life

Futuristic Polar Bears as we said earlier has always believed in keeping his professional life and personal life in separate boxes. He barely lets his personal details reflect in the limelight which is why we have not got any information related to birthdate. He was born and raised in London along with his siblings and started taking various music classes from a very early age which is why he has been very confident in stage programs always. As a kid, Polar took part in various programs and won almost all of them. He is currently signed to several labels like Spinnin, Revealed Smash the House, and Protocol Recordings.

In 2013, he started his first single titled Drift which was released in 2013.  Other of his famous singles is Never Give Up, All Night Long, Game oVer, Vargo, Sea Coffee, Aventus, Better Than This, United we Stand, Addiction, and many more. some of his further remixes are Divine Inspiration and Regi. His chartered singles are Back to earth and Cafe Del Mar. He has been involved in various tours and stage shows.  The artist has been involved in several hit singles and chart-busting numbers that have remained in the number one position for several weeks. It is safe to say that Futuristic Polar Bears is one of the most famous DJ and music personalities in great Britain and his fans prevail all over the world especially the Americans really love his remix songs.

DJ Futuristic Polar Bears

Social Media Accounts

Futuristic Polar Bears is one of those several celebrities who are not very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even though he has an account on a few social networking sites he does not use them actively. He is the most active on Instagram. He started using Instagram in the year 2013 and has made 1122 posts to date. He has around 100K followers and follows 6914 people. Most of his posts in the gram are about his travel schedules, musical shows plus tours, and gym posts. The link to his Instagram account is @futuristicpolarbears/. We might be able to find various things in his social networking handles but not a pic of his family members.

Family Life

Futuristic Polar Bears has a huge house in London where he lives with his parents and kids.  Other than the house he has a wonderful gymming place and a couple of luxury cars. His pretty lavish life comes from his 5 million dollars worth fortune while he yearly makes 700 K US dollars. This was about his earning but talking about his family, it consists of his parents. His father is named Vincent Novello. He has siblings named Clara Novello, Edward Novello, and Mary Clark. But what about his wife and kid? well, nothing is known yet except for the fact that they all make a big and happy family.


His website is reachable from where one can book tours and contact him for business inquiries.

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