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Who is Gabe Newell? Well, he is an American businessman and computer programmer and is known for being the president and co-founder of Valve Corporation, one of the leading video game developer and digital distribution company. According to Gabe Newell biography, his birthday is on November 3, 1962, and that makes his current age be 56 as of 2018. The president of Valve Corporation initiated his career in 1983 by joining the American technology company Microsoft. He is often mentioned in the memes from his own creation like Steam Sales, Gabon, Episode Three (3) and Worth the Weight. Here in this article, we have mentioned Gabe Newell wiki in detail including his personal facts (religion, married, spouse, son, house), career and professional life (job, position, nominations, interview, salary, earnings, net worth), contact information (email address, phone number, social medias account) body measurements (height, weight, weight loss) and much more.


Where was Gabe Newell Born?


Looking at Gabe Newell bio, he was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America in 1962. His childhood spent on his hometown and was a skillful person from that stage of life.


How Old is Gabe Newell?


Considering his date of birth, Gabe Newell age is 55 and has travel a long successful journey in the corporate, programming and management field.


Where does the computer programmer Gabe Newell Live?


The renowned American computer programmer lives Long Beach, Washington with his wife named Lisa and two sons. His house is close to the Valve Corporation headquarters. It is said that, Gabe has an amazing interest of collecting knives and therefore he owns more than 600 verities of knives in his house.


How Much Money do Gabe Newell Have?


He was already a millionaire while working at the Microsoft stock prior establishing his own business venture i.e. Valve Corporation. He is listed by the Forbes magazine in billionaire’s profile as Gabe Newell’s net worth is estimated to be $5.5 billion dollars.


What is Gabe Newell Email Address?


You can send Gabe Newell a mail at his email address that is,  [email protected] Also, you can follow him on Twitter Mr. Gaben Twitter Account @gabelnewel Watch his latest photos and updates in his Instagram profile that can be reached @gaben_newell You can also get connected with Gabe Logan Newell Official Facebook Page Several wiki sites including Wikipedia have mention Gabe biography and facts on their page.


Babe Newell Weight Loss


People are found often talking about Gabe Newell weight loss, which is till to be confirmed. Seems like he isn’t worried of his massive weight and giant body structure.


Gabe Newell Phone Number


This isn’t available to the public. However, you can contact him through his email and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Gabe Newell Religion


One of the memes of Gabe Newell shows him in the position of Jesus and seems like lord. The picture is viral on the internet and people often put their comment on it. But personally, he follows the religion of Christianity.


Gabe Newell Nominations


He has been nominated for several awards and titles which mainly includes BAFTA Games Award for Gameplay (2009), BAFTA Games Award for Best Game (2010).



Is he Gay?



Does he Drink?



What is Gabe Newell Height?

5 feet and 7 inches.

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