Garrett Camp bio, education, net worth, house, married, Uber, and Stumbleupon

Garret Camp is one of the world famous Canadian businessmen and investor born on October 4, 1978, in Calgary, Alberta Canada who is the founder at Expa, founder, and chairman at Uber and founder, and chairman at Stumbleupon. Uber is a highly demanded car service available through a mobile application and stumbleupon is one of the best web discovery platforms while Expa is a startup studio which develops and launches new products for the future generation and also helps in generating new business innovations. Camp always comes up with new products and innovative ideas; he started this evolution when he was at the graduate school and he has won several awards at a young age. He is one of the best IT and software entrepreneur and himself is an electrical and computer engineer, he is a 38- year- old man with birth sign Libra.

Bio and education

Garret’s mother was an artist and father was an economist, the couple, later on, left their profession and became a team and started building houses being entrepreneurs, Camp was inspired by the same decision so took entrepreneurship as the gift of his parents and headed in the same field. Garrett Camp education begun at a small elementary school with just 150 students and later on in his high school there were nearly 1700 students, in 1996 he attended the University of Calgary where he studied electrical engineering four years later in 2000 he completed his degree and then again did Masters in Software engineering and then started research in collaborative systems including evolutionary algorithms and information retrieval. In 2013 he started Expa an innovative future business platform while his other creations are Uber and Stumbleupon. His bio assures us that you don’t need a huge investment for earning a large amount of money if we try hard our talent and dedication can replace the investment.

Uber and Stumbleupon

Uber is a high demanded car service through mobile application it was initially named as ‘UberCab’, Uber was launched first in San Francisco in 2010 with just a few cars and a funding of 1.5 million U.S dollar with a motive that everyone’s a personal driver. In 2012 UberX and UberSub were launched which had less price and more vehicles choice, UberTaxi was launched in 2012 and in 2013 it also provided ride sharing services. Uber was able to list itself in Forbes Top 10 companies in 2012 and top 6 most innovative companies of 2013 in fast companies. Stumble upon a web discovery platform and personalized recommendation engine founded in 2002, in 2007 it was listed in TIME’s 50 best websites and must have iPad apps, it was sold on eBay for $75 million in 2007 and again spun out in 2009 to become an independent company.

Net worth and house

Garret became the 283rd richest person in the world and 3rd richest Canadian person in the year 2015 with the total net worth of 5.3 billion U.S dollars but now it has increased by nearly 1 billion- dollar becoming 6.3 billion- dollars. He also has an incredibly beautiful and luxurious house which is so alluring and definitely looks like a great castle with a beautiful pool in it. It is so amazing that we can neither stop looking at it nor stop adoring it just we can love it and imagine or wish it to be ours.

Relationship- is he married?

Camp recently got married to his childhood love Jordan Wyman on 3rd June 2017; they were in love with each other r from the junior year of high school. Camp proposed to her on the Christmas night, the grand wedding was held in Liberty Hill British Church, they united with each other just little time ago but their love bloomed years ago and finally turned into a beautiful flower with their marriage.

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