Heart Sobbing Moment for Jennifer Lopez! Daughter Emmy joins her on Open Night Tour

A special bonding night for daughter Emma and Jennifer Lopez!

The talented singer shared a magical moment with her 11- year old daughter Emma at, It’s My Party Tour, The Forum in Los Angeles on Friday night.

A surprise initiation was taken by Emma, after she joined her mother on the stage and sang “Limitless”.

The eleven-year-old munchkin and yummy mommy both wore elegantly dressed in red tulle ball gowns, while the mega star wore a mini-me wrapped herself in cropped sweat shirt over her designer attire.


JLO posted the concert video on her Instagram account, where she wrote, “I can’t take it”.

After succession of her show, she thanked her L.A fans for making her show successful.

Jennifer shares her twins Emmy & Max with her ex-beau Marc Anthony. On an interview, she revealed singing talent as her daughters genetical inheritance from her father. She said,

She’s got her daddy’s voice. She’s amazing. It’s natural. Emme could always sing. I remember when she was in the crib, when she was a baby, she used to be humming, like, really humming to herself. “

She further added,

She’s singing, it feels good to her, it feels good to her soul and to her body, because he was like that. I was like, you think she’s singing? And he was right, and she’s always, since she was little, she could always sing.”

The proud mother allowed her daughter to make her own decision. She allowed her to appear on the stage only after she gets comfortable with the audience.

She expressed the arena of her tour. It’s a big show, and its different than filming a video. She stated,

It’s a big arena. It’s different than our Vegas show. It’s different than other things that we’ve been doing it’s different than filming a video. I think she’s come out of her shell in the past couple years.”




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