How old Liz Shanahan? Her age, wife, Michael Symon, net worth, Liz lovely

Opposite pole attracts. The theory is not only implied on the magnetic ends but also on among human being. Generally, living being attraction is only confined to a different personality, as people prefer to stick with an individual of a similar profession.

And here, the hypothesis has been given continuation in a different manner. We are talking about Liz Shanahan, the partner of Mabel’s BBQ and the wife of famous American chef & television personality Michael Symon.

Most of you may not know, Liz too is a chef and entrepreneur. Nevertheless, she gained popularity after tying the knot with Michael. Having similar interest and passion for food and cooking the couple has proven to be a power duo in the whole of the food & hospitality industry. Since, then, she has been going hand in hand with her husband as a food businesswoman.

How old is Liz Shanahan? Know her biography & body measurements

As of March 2019, Liz Shanahan is of 59-years old. She was born in 1960, March 30 in Georgia, USA. She holds American nationality and belongs to White nationality. She has not revealed any information about her parents, siblings, and ancestors.

Despite being 58-year old women, Liz does have a lovely, well-maintained body. She is 6 ft tall, while her exact weight is still unknown. She has black hair while her body measurements are not at all disclosed.

Liz is a vegetarian. By looking at her feature, we can pretty much assume that in terms of getting a healthy fit body, she takes no nonsense.

Is marriage life blissfully taking a leap or any rumor of divorce?

Liz before settling with Michael Symon, she was married to an untold person. From the previous marriage, she has a son named Kyle. No much information is revealed by the lady regarding her previous life.

Before getting hitched with Symon, they had met at a restaurant. At that time, her son was two years old. Where Liz had started developing feelings for her man. The relationship began in 1990 and after 5 years of dating the pair finally exchanged vow in a private ceremony.

In an interview, Michael said he loves being around his wife. He also shared the key formulae of happiness in a marriage, which was personally shared by his father. He said,

I follow my dad’s happy-marriage advice: Any argument you think you’ve won, you’ve actually lost.

Being a public figure, Michael got involved in a controversy with swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen. A picture of her husband sitting on a lap of Chrissy got viral. The image created sensation and strong debate amongst the followers.

But it failed to shake the trust and confidence of Liz. Irrespective of going through controversies and difficult period, they still hold a stronger bond. So, far she only has one child and enjoying her parenthood with her son and her pets Ruby (Bullmastiff) and Ozzy (Old English).

Liz Shanahan Net worth & Salary

In February 1997, Liz opened a restaurant “Lola” in one of the trendy neighborhood Tremont, Cleveland. After gaining positive reviews in Gourmet Magazine (October 2000 issue), as America’s best restaurant in 2005, she converted the name to “Lolita” and opened Lola in the downtown of Cleveland.

In 2006, April 15, she opened her third restaurant Parea in New York City, which unfortunately was taken over by Stavros Aktipis in 2007. For now, she has been operating other additional retro The B-Spot, The B-Sport and Roast.

From the economic aspect, we presume she earns enough of salary to maintain her glamorous life. She is currently residing with her husband in West Village Townhouse in Ohio which was purchased for around, $5.14 million. She also had bought a penthouse in New York City by paying $3 million. Currently, she shares a prosperous net worth of $4 million, which is sure to incline with additional eatery openings.









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