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No wonder people say love is blind. When people are in love, what ever things previously was considered to be abnormal for that instance becomes normal. Scenario is not only experienced by any average people, but even by popular celebrities.

Ida Darvish, popular actress, director and movie producer fell in love with American actor- Josh Gad. One of the talented celebrities in Hollywood who is profoundly known for her remarkable performance in Inferno, where she gleefully adapted the character of Tom Hanks, from the best international selling novel written by Dan Brown.

A loving wife, a caring mother and excellent home maker. She has it all. A super woman who can handle every of such responsibilities not only as a mother but also as a movie actress. Above all she got blessed with a loving husband despite six years of age difference.

Let’s have a look at some of the mesmerizing moment of in Ida’s life followed by her net worth, biography, movies and married life.

Ida Darvish: Married turned into proud wife & mother!

Josh Gad and Ida got married after four years of continuous dating. The wedding had taken place on 2008, May 10. Just after two years of nuptial the wonder parents were blessed by their first child in 2010, their first daughter, Ava Tanya Gad on 2011, August 3.

Mixed blessings they call! Ida was again pregnant with her second child, a daughter. The special announcement of pregnancy was announced by Josh in 2013, through a show Good Morning America. He said,

“It’s going to be a household full of estrogen. I’m a little concerned.”

They welcomed their little one on 2014, February 17, whom they named as Eva Gad. The happy go lucky father shared his emotions through Twitter, where he said,

After their second birth the mother of two took a break from her career. She became more homely instead of a bombastic entertainer.

In 2018, she and her husband along with her two little one celebrated Valentines Day. The proud father shared his daughters’ picture through Instagram and even thanked Ida for those lovely gifts.

The bond between the love birds are further strengthening. So far, there are no rumors of divorce or arguments between the two. The couple’s love has further prospered after the arrival of their daughters.

Ida Darvish- Wiki, net worth & biography

Ida was born in 1975, October 14, in the United States of America. Due to her discreet lifestyle, some of her personal information related with her birthday, family background, childhood and educational pursuits.

No matter how secretive is her personal life, she has made some awesome debut in several screens. In 2001, she worked for a video entitled “The Holy Cannoli”. Since then she moved ahead and started working in Hollywood platform by delivering best movies such as The Astronaut Farmer (2006), where she enacted the role of Italian Anchorwomen. She got her big break in TV series entitled Californication in 2008.

Her TV series acting landed her to subsequent roles in many other videos such as “The Lost Nomads: Get Lost” with other interesting films such as The Comedians (2015) and She wants me (2012).

Her years of contributions to entertainment industry has garnished and showered her with ample of fame and success. So far, she has managed to acquire net worth of $2 million, while her husband has a surplus wealth of $12 million.

The talented beauty is not only blessed with armored acting skills but also has been blessed with sassy body figure with a height of 5 feet 5 inch. Further she is talented, beautiful, remarkable and successful.







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