Intimated and secretive marriage of politician Katie Walsh Uneviled! Secret marriage no longer a secret!

Politicians with the fear of losing their political career prefer not to disclose their relationship, dating life, and even martial life. But this was not the case of young energetic politician Katie Walsh. Apart from her political career, she happily shared her happiness, sorrow a success with the ones who loved her beside her wedding ceremony.

Though the insight of her engagement was openly celebrated, her wedding was secretly tucked in and was kept away from the prying eyes of media. So, together unleash the wedding ceremony, engagement ceremony and bio of Katie Walsh.

Close knit Wedding Ceremony of Katie Walsh

A nowhere revealed wedding ceremony, which had remained an unsolved mystery. Finally, the mystery has got resolved. Katie Walsh got married to CNN Political Commentator Mike Shields on 2017, September 23. The vows exchanged date came into light through a Wedding Registry.  The rings were exchanged in the presence of limited guests and close family.

As for their wedding gift, both the paired had asked their guests to donate at Washington Literacy Center. Adding more light onto their wedding desire, Mike Shield said, “We want people to know about the important work at the Washington Literacy Center. What greater way to increase awareness for adult literacy than asking our guests to make a gift that will change a life.”

Mike despite constantly tweeted an updated his fan followers of every minute details had not updated a single post of his wedding. While Katie though had tried to maintain the secrecy of her wedding had updated her wedding picture as her social media profile picture.

Despite their secret wedding, their fans are happy for their togetherness. At present Katie and Mike Shield are currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia with their only son Aidan, whose birth and picture details are still kept hidden from the bugging media.

Post Wedding Story of the Power Couple “Katie Walsh & Mike Shields”

Kate and Mike though shared a healthy romance before their proposal, Katie never once acknowledge about her dating story with Mike. However, the story of Mike proposing Katie came into the spotlight. The story exactly is alike a fairy tale.

Mike proposed Katie while they were in London. Mike before making a proposal had arranged a cabinet room inside 10 Downing Street. Before reaching on the final plan, both the pair had a hearty dinner with their close friends Rob and Cindy Boyd. Mike immediately took away from the dinner party while making excuse to their friends about their must attend a party at 10 Downing.

While Katie was busy on a phone call with Sara Armstrong Mike quietly gave a tour to security guards and briefed about his plan. While they reached the cabinets Mike got down on a knee and proposed Katie with a ring. Katie immediately responded with a green single and later enjoyed “Fireworks” on New Year eve.

Yes, it was a fairy tale which was made true after an immense amount of planning and hard work of Mike. And to be honest, his plan did work to woo his lady love which later made them a beautiful husband and wife.

Biography of Katie Walsh

Born on 1984, November 2  at St.Loui, Missouri as a single child. Before joining politics, she attended Visitation Academy of St.Louis, all girls Roman Catholic High School from where she graduated in 2003. While Walsh obtained a degree in Marketing and Finance in 2007 from George Washington University. Katie E.Walsh  is an American Republican politician serving as a White House Deputy Chief of Staff.

Katie is currently working with Trump aligned First American Policies. Before working in White House she worked as Chief of Staff for the Republican National Committee while she joined the organization as Deputy Finance Director in January 2013. With all her effort and work, Katie earns an average salary of $71 thousand which is enough for her to enjoy a wealthy life and add more to her existing net worth. Well according to the info Walsh resigned from her position on 2017, March 30.


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