Is Canadian Actor Kevin Smith Married? Clues of secretly having a wife, how truce is it?

After being a celebrity its tuff to create a barrier between a personal and professional life. Every minute details from their early morning wake up call too late night party cause sensation among the fans. People who love them rummage through every minute details while the media play an active role in obtaining every tit and bit hindering onto their personal space. The identified details can stir and release lots of mixed judgment even spreading negativism.

Hence, celebrities at their utmost level try to hide their personal details, family affairs and relationship status from the Medias reach. And among that celeb, Canadian Actor Kevin Smith seems to be one of them who wants to straightly separate his personal and professional life. His level of privacy has daunted his followers to guess about his married life.

So, to keep the guessing work aside, let’s take a closer look on it.

Clues of having a wife, is Kevin Smith married?

With no revelation of getting married in any of the channel or interview, Canadian actor Kavin Smith in 2011, May 3 indicated about getting married a girl named Calamity whom he had met during his voluntary work at the treatment center.

Not just his status, few close sources have revealed about the actor getting married to Stargate Atlantis casting director Corinne Clark. Well, as the actor has not yet confirmed about his wife being a casting director their still lies a silent dilemma. Though the mystery regarding his marital life is cleared, mystery still continues on the real identification of his wife and her profession.  So, for those who had averted laid an allegation on his sexual identity as “Gay”, can just clear the air.

Similarly, on an interview posted on 2013, May 6, while talking about his character on the series of “Rogue”, he declared his role of “Tom Travis” to be an easy one due to his fatherhood experience. He said,I remember reading for them [the show’s producers] about a month and a half before they actually offered me the job,” he notes. “The audition scene itself was from the third episode and it was a fight scene between Tom and Grace, Thandie Newton. It was more or less a three-page monologue for my character and really heavy stuff. I have kids of my own, so it was very easy to sort of emphasize with what was going on with the character.

After disclosure in 2011, again via Twitter Kavin Smith stated about his wife making him watch Oscar.

Flowingly another tweet was posted on Twitter regarding his wife denial on posting their Wedding photograph on 2017, June 11, right after seven years of confession on getting married.

Well, with the time transition may be someday Kavin J Smith will again with the help from social media post a picture of his wife and his lovely family, we are so holding onto that day to actually arrive soon.

Biography of Kavin J Smith

Born on May 6, 1970, in Alberta, Canada, Kavin J Smith, was raised by a single father (divorced). The 47-year-old, Canadian actor beside his father has a brother. The actor before joining the entertainment industry attended the University of Calgary majoring in Economics but dropped out from the college to pursue his acting dream and hence joined Mount Royal University.

In 1993, Kavin Smith got a breakthrough in his career, where he got a leading role in Destiny Ridge. Since then he got an opportunity to work in many other television shows including “The Twilight Zone” ,” Human Target”, “Reunion”, “Eureka”, “The Killing Game” along with movies  “Mission to Mars (2000)”, “See Spot Run (2001) “, and “Stark Raving Mad (2002)”.

Currently, in the year 2018, Kavin Smith is all geared for a movie role in “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells” with his beautiful and intelligent co-actress Pascale Hutton. The pair before this movie have worked together for a Hallmark Channel feature “The Perfect Bride (2017)”.

With all his dedication and consistency we are sure the actor has piled a decent amount of net worth and assets, which will soon be revealed.


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