Is Denis Asamoah Married or Dating? His Wiki, Age, Net worth, Height and Family

Is Denis Asamoah married or dating? Regarding his marital status, Asamoah is an unmarried man. However, he is in the relationship with Jackie Aina (born on August 4, 1987) who is a renowned YouTube personality. The couple started dating since 2014 but no confirmed news about their wedding is available.

There are no past relationship records of Asamoah but his girlfriend is said to be a divorced woman. Let’s explore in detail about Asamoah’s wiki including some interesting personal facts about her:


Who is Denis Asamoah?

Born as Denis Asamoah, he landed the planet possibly in the 1980s which makes his age be in the late 30s. By profession, he is a British YouTube personality who is known for being a business specialist, visionary, consultant, creator and a successful profitability coach. He is popular by the name Mr. Work Smarter on which he has created a YouTube channel since May 4, 2016.


Early Life and Education

Denis Asamoah was possibly born in the 1980s and his place of birth is in the United Kingdom. The information regarding Asamoah’s parents, education, siblings, etc. are not provided in her wiki. He has earned two G.C.S.E’s. From his young age, Asamoah was a talented student with a deep interest in the corporate and management field.


Career and Professional Life

Mr. Work Smarter received an internship at Citi which he rejected to work for Tesco. On May 4, 2016, he joined YouTube through a channel named Mr. Work Smarter. He has a good knowledge regarding the business concepts, resource utilization, resource management and time-saving strategies.

In addition to his successful professional life, he has gained popularity through his relationship with YouTube star Jackie Aina. He is committed to making people work smarter in both an effective and efficient manner. His productivity tips and tools have helped many of the people in their journey of understanding and business journey.


Personal Life

Business consultant Denis Asamoah isn’t married. He is dating Jackie Aina who was born in 1987. The couple seems to be experiencing a happy romantic life together. They might be thinking to exchange their vows but haven’t revealed their exact plan for their wedding.


Body Measurements

Denis Asamoah stands at a tall height above 5 feet and 9 inches. He seems to have a masculine body structure which might be the result of his regular workout and fitness activities.


Salary and Net worth

Denis Asamoah AKA Mr. Work Smarter has an estimated net worth of 1 million USD which is yet to be verified. Asamoah is experiencing a successful professional journey and is making good fame in the industry.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of Denis Asamoah is prepared by various wiki sites but is still missing from IMDb and Wikipedia. Jin him on Instagram @mrworksmarter and Facebook @mrworksmarter.

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