Is EJ Osborne Married? EJ Osborne Wikipedia, Age, Wife and Net worth

Ethan-James Osborne AKA EJ Osborne is a BBC designer who is known for his amazing product designs. He is an entrepreneur as well who supplies utensils and spoons to various markets around the world. His incredible art and designs have developed the curiosity among the public about his personal life including a question “Is EJ Osborne Married?” Let’s explore in detail about EJ’s Wikipedia below:


Early Life and Education

EJ was born as Ethan-James Osborne. Regarding his early life, no information about Osborne is available including the facts of his parents, siblings and so on. Talking about his education, he attended the UK based Kingston University where he studied Product design. He also studied Arboriculture from the Royal Forestry Society.


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Career and Professional Life

After graduation, he spent some of his years on exploring traditional heritage crafts. From storm damaged and freshly felled wood of locally foraged trees, he concentrates on carving functional spoons and utensils. His art of making optimum utilization of broken and discarded materials with simple and traditional methods are jaw-dropping. His art is incredible and has proven the importance of traditional tools and ways even at this age.


As of now, EJ is contributing for the Money For Nothing, a craft and up-cycling daytime show on BBC One. In 2017, he authored a book entitled ‘Hatchet+Bear Spoon Carving’ which was published by Quadrille.



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Personal Life

Very fewer facts about EJ’s personal life can be extracted from his wiki. Possibly, EJ Osborne is not married yet but the official information is still lacking.


Body Measurements

The new face of craft on BBC daytime, EJ has an average height. He seems active and possibly is under the maintained diet and workout plan.


Salary and Net worth

EJ is said to be filming Money for Nothing for BBC daytime from which he must have received an impressive amount of salary. This amazing woodworker has amassed a jaw-dropping amount of net worth from his design. His book has also rewarded him with best returns.



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Wiki and Facts

EJ Osborne’s biography is still missing from Wikipedia but some other wiki sites have provided it. You can find him on social networking sites like on Twitter @ejosborne and on Instagram @hatchetandbear.

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