Is Jennifer Arnold Married? Her Bio, Age, Husband (Bill Klein), Height and Net worth

Is Jennifer Arnold married? Yes, she is. Her husband’s name is Bill Klein (born on October 13, 1974) who is a reality star and is also credited for being the medical supplies and telemarketing businessman. It is interesting to know that both the husband and wife are diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia.

Jennifer Arnold met Bill Klein when they were ten years old in one of the hospitals located in Baltimore. They have no biological children but are blessed with a pair of adopted children. In March 2013, the couple adopted a son named William Klein who was born on February 24, 2010, in China. The same year, the couple adopted a baby girl from India named Zoey Klein (born on September 22, 2011).

The entire family has been the part of the reality series called The Little Couple on the TLC. Arnold and her husband have maintained such a family where their kids live as a sibling whose origins are India and China. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Arnold:


Who is Jennifer Arnold?

Born as Jennifer Arnold, she landed the planet on March 10, 1974, which makes her age be 46 years old as of 2020. By profession, she is a medical doctor of Neonatology who gained popularity after being featured in the television reality series called The Little Couple on TLC. She has proven that short height won’t stop you from getting the desired level of professional life and success.


Early Life and Education

Jennifer Arnold was born in 1974 and her place of birth is in Florida, the United States of America. Talking about her family background, she was bornt o the parents named David Arnold (father) and Judy Arnold (mother). She was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia i.e. Osteochondrodysplasia which deprived her of having a normal person height due to lack of proper development of cartilage and bones in her body.

It was her parents who motivated her and made her capable to fight against the world. She has also a brother named David E. Arnold. She was enrolled at the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) and has garnered MD (Doctor of Medical), M.Sc degree. She also went to the University of Miami while completing her undergraduate degrees majoring in Psychology and Biology.

In 2000, she earned her medical degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Then, she went to work for the Pediatric Residency Program at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She amassed her M.Sc. degree from the University of Pittsburgh.


Career and Professional Life

Dr. Jennifer is an MD who has been serving at Texas Children’s Hospital. She has been able to establish as one of the famous practicing neonatologist I in the United States. Her physical weaknesses haven’t stopped her pursuing a successful medical profession and thus, she has set a perfect example for people with born disabilities.

She is also popular by the name “Jen Arnold.” She gained public attention massively soon after being the part of the TLC reality series. The series has featured her husband as well as their two adopted children.


Personal Life

Dr. Jennifer Arnold is married to medical supplies and telemarketing businessman Bill Klein. Both of them were born in the year 1974. They have a common physical problem, i.e. skeletal dysplasia. They have an adopted son from China and a daughter from India. The family of four is happily living together.


Body Measurements

Dr. Jen Arnold has a height of 3 feet and 2 inches or 96.5 cm. Her husband is taller than her who stands at a height of 4 feet (122 cm). Being an MD, Jen has been focused on keeping her body healthy and gives special emphasis on her health and fitness. It was reported that she was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4 choriocarcinoma.


Salary and Net worth

TLC’s reality star Dr. Jennifer Arnold has an estimated net worth of 3.5 million USD. Her earnings mostly rely on her professional medical career. The income from her appearance in the reality series has also helped her have an impressive amount of net worth.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of Dr. Arnold is prepared by various wiki sites but is still missing from Wikipedia now. Join her on Instagram @jenarnoldmd where she has amassed more than 700k followers. Her Twitter profile is reachable @jenarnoldmd where Jennifer Arnold, MD has garnered over 262k followers now.

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