Is John Carmack Married or Dating? His Wiki, Age, Wife and Net worth

Is John Carmack married or dating? Regarding his marital status, he is married to Katherine Anna Kang. He met his wife when she visited id Software ‘s offices at the 1997 QuakeCon. They came to know each other and while having a business conversation, Kang challenged him o sponsor the first All-Female Quake Tournament.

Initially, Carmack made a prediction of welcoming 25 participants but the number crossed 1,500. The couple started their romantic relationship and eventually celebrated their wedding on January 1, 2000. They arranged a ceremony in Hawaii where renowned figures were invited. The couple became blessed with a son as their first child in 2004. Let’s explore in detail about Carmack’s wiki below:


Who is John Carmack?

Born as John D. Carmack, he landed the planet on August 20, 1970, which makes his age be 49 years old as of 2019. By profession, he is an American computer programmer and engineers best known for his video game developing abilities. He is also noted for being the co-founder of id Software.

He is credited for serving as the lead programmer of the id Software video games like Doom, Quake, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Rage. He has a great contribution towards the industry for his innovations in 3D graphics including the algorithm for shadow volumes. He turned as the CTO at Oculus VR in August 2013.


Early Life and Education

Carmack was born in 1970 and his place of birth is in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, the United States of America. He was born to the parents named Inga Carmack (mother) and Stan Carmack (father). Talking more about his family background, his father used to work as a local television news reporter.

He was raised up in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area under his parents’ custody. He developed an interest in computer and its tools from an early age. Regarding his education and academic achievements, he was enrolled at Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village and also attended Raytown South High School.

With the 1978 shoot ’em up title Space Invaders, he was first introduced to video games when he was a child enjoying his summer vacation. He was highly impressed by the games like Pac-Man, a 1980 maze chase arcade game. He is greatly influenced by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto

At the age of 14, he broke into a school for helping students to steal Apple II computers. During that act, the police were informed about unusual activity through a silent alarm and thus, Carmack was arrested which made him sentenced to a year in a juvenile home.

Later, he was enrolled at the University of Missouri–Kansas City but dropped the program after completing two semesters in order to work as a freelance programmer.


Career and Professional Life

Carmack was hired by Shreveport; Louisiana based Computer Company called Softdisk where he worked on Softdisk G-S. There, he was introduced to John Romero and other future members of id Software. He was the part of the team that created the first of the Commander Keen games in 1990 at Softdisk.

Carmack quit his job at Softdisk and then co-founded id Software. While being in a vacation with his wife, he set up the mind to create a good mobile game in 2007. He joined Oculus VR on August 7, 2013, where he worked as their CTO. In order to work full-time for Oculus VR, he resigned from id Software on November 22, 2013.

It is said that the id Software’s parent company called ZeniMax Media wasn’t interested in supporting Oculus Rift and this made Carmack decide to give resignation from the company. Carmack is also noted for being the advocate of open-source software. He has been raising voice for opposition to software patents.


Personal Life

American video game developer John Carmack is married to Katherine Anna Kang. They met in 1997 for the first time and toed their knot on January 1, 2000. From their happy conjugal life, the duo jas welcomed a son born in 2004. Talking more about his personal life, the American computer programmer has supported the 2012 presidential campaign of Republican Ron Paul.

Regarding his religion, Carmack is an atheist. One of his favorite foods is Pizza and is said that he used to order Domino’s Pizza almost every day during his time at id Software. The same delivery man has delivered him pizza for about 15 years, isn’t that interesting!


Body Measurements

Carmack has an average height and has a slim body structure. His BMI calculation might be normal but the exact facts about his body statistics are not available. We can assume that he is physically fit like the way he is fit in his mental capacity.


Salary and Net worth

The American computer programmer John Carmack has an estimated net worth of 40 million USD. He has made a huge fortune by amassing income from his professional life in the technical field. He has earned both name and fame by developing video games and co-founding id Software.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of video game developer Carmack is prepared by various wiki sites including Wikipedia. You can find him on Instagram @johnmcarmack as well as on Twitter @ID_AA_Carmack where he has been followed by over 860k people.

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