Is Mike Yarwood Still Alive? Mike Yarwood Wiki, Age, Net worth and Daughters

Mike Yarwood was born on 14 June 1941. He is an English actor and comedian and an impressionist as well. During the time of 1960’s to 1980’s, he was one of the leading and top-rated Britain’s entertainers. Many of the people recognize him for his appearances in the television screens and his contribution towards the industry is what that cannot be forgotten. Is Mike Yarwood Still Alive? Well, the legend is still alive as of now. Considering his date of birth, Mike Yarwood is at the age of 77 as of 2018. Let’s explore in detail about Yarwood’s wiki below:


Early Life and Education

Yarwood was born in 1941 in Bredbury, Cheshire. His mother name is Bridget Yarwood. He was a genius child and was good at making relation with peers, teachers and elders. During his early days, he was a sportsman active, especially on football. He ever turned out as a director for a local club named Stockport County.


Career and Professional Life

Before switching his career to the entertainment industry, Mike was working as a messenger and later served a garment warehouse at its salesman. He was starred in British television during the early 1960’s with his popular shows. His BBC television shows were so popular that it attracted about 18 million viewers. The shows were based on guest musicians and comic sketches.


His other filmography credits include Will the Real Mike Yarwood Stand Up?, The Mike Yarwood Show, Yarwood’s in Town (1982) and much more. Though he remained at the peak for various years, his stardom and popularity started declining from the 1980’s. The reason behind this was a loss of his most appreciated characters. He was also fighting with alcoholism. His career also suffered from stage fright making his output unreliable. His show on Thames television came to an end by 1987.


Personal Life

Alcoholism was one of the biggest issues for Mike’s professional life. His personal life was also spoiled by it. He was fined £200 and banned from driving for two years in 1986 after being frequently crossing the drink-drive limit. The English comedian suffered from a heart attack on 3 July 1990, while he was at his own home. Luckily, the man was able to give up the drinking habit forever since 1991. It is said that depression was another major reason for his failure. He also went for its treatment in October 1999 at the Priory Clinic in Roehampton, London. The retired man currently resides alone in Weybridge, Surrey.


Talking about his relationship issues, Mike is a divorced man. He separated from his wife Sandra Burville in 1985 ending up his 16 years married life. His wife was a professional dancer of that time. Alcoholism, declining career and depression might be considered as the root for the divorce between the couple. As per some online source, he is the father to two daughters named Charlotte (born on 19th October 1970) and Clare Yarwood (born on 29th November 1972). As of 2018, Charlotte and Clare Yarwood are at the age of 48 and 46 respectively. His younger daughter Clare is a jewelry designer and operates her own company named Yarwood-White. She is also the author of a book named Bridal Jewellery.


Body Measurements

Regarding his body measurement facts, Mike is blessed with a tall height of 5 feet and 8½ inches. He holds an impressive personality which is somehow diminished these days. But still, people of those days remember the jaw-dropping performances by Mike on stage.


Salary and Net worth

According to some online sources, Mike Yarwood has amassed a net worth amounting to 1 million USD. At p[resent, he is probably living a retired life. Apart from his entertainment career, Yarwood has also generated money through his books like “Family Joke Book”, “Impressions of My Life”, “And this is Me!” and much more.


Wiki and Facts

Mike was an established entertainer with millions of viewers even at that time. Yarwood’s profile is prepared by many of the wiki sites including IMDb and Wikipedia. It seems like that Yarwood is not active on social media handles. Because of that, he is often surrounded by various rumors saying that Mike is dead. But this is not true. The king of comedy Mike Yarwood is still alive as of now.

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