Is Paul Wahlberg Married? His Bio, Age, Wife Name, Siblings and Net worth

Is Paul Wahlberg married? Yes, he is. With his wife, Paul is blessed with two children named Ethan Wahlberg (son) and Madison Wahlberg (daughter). He has no past relationship records and is a person with complete privacy. Therefore, Paul Wahlberg’s wife’s name is not disclosed on the internet. Paul has decided that his children would have free choice to choose their professional destinations as per their will. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Paul:


Who is Paul Wahlberg?

Born as Paul A. Wahlberg, he landed the planet on March 20, 1964, which makes his age be 56 years old as of 2020. By profession, he is an American A-class chef and a successful entrepreneur. He has also been able to establish himself as a reality television star and an actor as well. He has been operating a restaurant called Wahlburgers where he is the owner as well as a senior chef. In addition to his television appearances, Paul has also been featured in multiple movies including Max Payne and The Happening.


Early Life and Education

Paul Wahlberg was born in 1964 and his place of birth is in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, the United States of America. There is a saying ‘the morning shows the day’ which implies in Paul’s life. He was showing different characteristics which made clear that Paul wasn’t on the track which his siblings followed. He used to help his mother in the kitchen while his brothers were dreaming to have a broth future in Hollywood.

Being taught and motivated by his mother, he was able to cook basic recipes perfectly by the age of 10. He used to experiment to bring new recipes using new ingredients together. He decided to become a professional chef seeing the serving of an Eggplant Parmesan sandwich at one of his friend’s house just before stepping his teenage days. His mother supported him a lot to choose his chef career.

While being enrolled at his high school, Paul started working a caterer where he used to wash dishes in one of his friend’s family-owned restaurants. He served at numbers of kitchens sprawled around his hometown including The Four Seasons and The Charles Hotel.

Talking about Paul Wahlberg’s family, he is the fifth child to his mother Alma Wahlberg and father Donald Edward. His father used to be an actor whereas his mother is a nurse. At the age of 18, Paul has to go through family issues where his parents got divorced. His father Donald Edward died in 2008. He has a good relationship with all eight siblings. The names of his siblings are Arthur, Mark, Donnie, Jim, Tracey, Scott, Debbie, Buddy, Robert, Arthur and Donna. Among them, Robert, Mark and Donnie have established themselves in the acting industry.


Career and Professional Life

Paul started working from his school days and after gaining years of experience and accomplishing his high school graduation, he started working at Bridgeman. It a kitchen in Hull, Massachusetts, where Paul spent a decade where he was employed as the kitchen’s Executive Chef.

After gaining decades of experience serving as the kitchen’s Executive Chef at Massachusetts based Bridgeman, he decided to initiate his own restaurant which later became a big breakthrough in his professional life. He launched his first individual restaurant called Alma Nove which was named after his mother showing the role of her in his successful life. The life-changing moment in Paul’s life came when he decided to launch his new venture named Wahlburgers in partnership with his younger siblings Mark and Donnie.

Wahlburgers is a casual dining restaurant and bar chain which has been successfully operating. The first branch of this restaurant was opened close to the Alma Nove and later expanded the branches abroad the country. In 2014, the new branch of the restaurant was opened in Toronto, Canada. This chain now has turned a big hit as it has launched more than 26 restaurants operating in various states like South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Illinois and Minnesota.

It seems like the brand of his brother’s name has helped a lot in the expansion of the venture. The franchise and supermarket chain Meijer made an announcement of their partnership to launch restaurants to Meijer stores in Ohio and Michigan in December 2017.

Paul started gaining huge popularity due to the overwhelming success of this franchise. A reality show was created on A&E Networks in 2014 which was based on his franchise. The show also presents the story of the siblings in running the ever-expanding restaurant chain. The show is now in its ninth season starring the Wahlberg brothers alongside Jenny McCarthy.


Personal Life

Paul Wahlberg is a married man and resides in Hingham, Massachusetts with his wife and two children son Ethan and daughter Madison. Although he has a successful chef career, his fame has been uplifted by his personal blood relation with his brothers. Paul has not been drawn into unnecessary controversies as he rarely makes any statement. He is able to manage some time for his family and kids out of his busy schedules.


Body Measurements

American A-class chef Paul Wahlberg has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. He weighs about 78 kilograms and is blessed with brown eyes and hair. Being a food expert, he definitely knows the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet. Although he has an appealing personality, he looks shorter in comparison to his brothers.


Salary and Net worth

The owner of Wahlburgers, Paul has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million USD. He has also added some extra worth in his account from his television appearance as well. There are few people in the world who have made a giant success in the field which is their passion from their young age. Paul is one of them who have made the investment in his interest and hence is one of the successful restaurant owners.


Wiki and Facts

One can explore the bio of Paul Wahlberg in most of the wiki sites including Wikipedia and IMDb. He is also active on various social networking sites where his profile on Twitter is reachable @team_paulw where he is being followed by over 8k followers now. Similarly, his Instagram account is available @paulwahlberg where Paul has garnered over 51k followers.

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