Is Sam Pottorff Married? Age, Wife, Diabetes, Ethnicity, Net worth

This content offers interesting facts about YouTuber Sam Pottorff including his relationship, health issues, education, family, ethnicity and so on.

Is Sam Pottorff married? He has been in several relationships in the past. He dated singer Acacia Brinley in 2012 and was also rumored to have dated Instagram star Carrington Brooke Durham. Pottorff was engaged to his ex-wife, Rosa van Iterson, in September 2016 and the couple was married in March 2017. However, they separated in late 2018. Pottorff is currently in a relationship with Alexa Keith.

Who is Pottorff?

Sam Pottorff is an American YouTube personality and has gained success as a social media personality. He has a huge fan following, all credit goes to his YouTube channel “Pottorff”, which has over 700,000 subscribers. Pottorff was born on October 19, 1995, in Laguna Beach, California, United States.

Ethnicity/ Origin

Regarding his ethnicity/ origin, he is 50% Arabic, 25% Turkish, and 25% Palestinian.

Early Life and Family Members

Pottorff is originally from Dana Point, California and attended private school there, but dropped out to pursue his YouTube career. He has three siblings: Cloe, who is also a YouTuber, Mia, and Levi, who is an Instagram star. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with diabetes and therefore he has always been a health-conscious guy.

Pottorff is known for his love of tattoos and piercings and has an incomplete tattoo on his thigh due to the pain. Despite his love for tattoos, he is reportedly terrified of the ocean. When he was around 13 years old, Pottorff was good at playing soccer and even received an offer to move to Germany and practice with the kids division in Munich.

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Career as a YouTuber and Social Media Sensation

Pottorff has a large following on social media, with over 2 million followers on his Instagram account @sampottorff and over 1.4 million followers on his Twitter account @sampottorff. Despite his fame, Pottorff remains a private person and rarely shares personal details about his life on social media or in interviews. We can also explore many of his videos made with his best friend, Kian Lawley.

Sam Pottorff has certainly demonstrated the potential for success on YouTube as a platform for pursuing a career. He started his YouTube channel “Pottorff” in 2011, and over the years has built a large following of more than 700,000 subscribers. His content, which includes vlogs, challenges, and other interesting videos, has resonated with viewers and helped him to gain a significant amount of fame and success.

Pottorff’s success on YouTube has not only helped him to build a large and engaged audience, but it has also opened up opportunities for him in other areas. He has worked with various brands on sponsored content and has also used his platform to promote causes and charities that he cares about.

Overall, Pottorff’s success on YouTube serves as an inspiration to other creators and demonstrates the potential for anyone with a unique voice and interesting content to find an audience and build a successful career on the platform. So, YouTube can be the best platform for pursuing a career for those who have the talent and dedication to create high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

Body Stats

Pottorff stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs 65 kilograms.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Sam Pottorff
  • Profession: American YouTuber and a social media personality
  • Best known for: Posting interesting videos on his YouTube channel, Pottorff
  • YouTube channel name: Pottorff
  • Number of subscribers: more than 700,000
  • Followers on his official Instagram account @sampottorff: more than 2 million people
  • Followers on his Twitter account @sampottorff: more than 1.4 million
  • Birth Date: October 19, 1995
  • Birthplace: Laguna Beach, California, United States
  • Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Ethnicity/ Origin: He is 25% Turkish, 25% Palestinian and 50% Arabic
  • Height: 5 feet and 8 inches
  • Weight: 65 kilograms
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-Wife: Her name is Rosa van Iterson. They celebrate their engagement in September 2016 and married in March 2017. They got separated in late 2018.
  • Current Girlfriend’s Name: Alexa Keith
  • Past relationship: He dated singer Acacia Brinley in 2012. He also dated Instagram star Lindsay Demeola who was Acacia Brinley’s best friend. He was also rumored to have dated Instagram star Carrington Brooke Durham.
  • Education: He went to Dana Point, a California-based private school. He dropped out his school to pursue his YouTube career.
  • Siblings: 2 older sisters named Cloe and Mia Pottorff and a younger brother named Levi who is an Instagram star
  • Estimated Net worth: US$2 million

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