Is Scott Walker Married? His Bio, Age, Early Life, Wife, Daughter, Net worth and Wiki

Is Scott Walker married? Yes, he is. Mette Teglbjaerg is the wife of Scott Walker with whom he celebrated his wedding ceremony with his long-time dating Danish girlfriend.  They tied their knot in 1972. Scott Walker and his wife Mette Teglbjaerg have welcomed a daughter from their conjugal life. Let’s explore in detail about Walker’s biography below:



Who is Scott Walker?

Born as Noel Scott Engel, he landed in this world on January 9, 1943, which makes his age be 77 years old as of 2020. He is an American-born British singer, composer, record producer and songwriter. Mostly, Scott is recognized for his distinctive baritone voice. He is widely popular in the United Kingdom where he has been living since 1965. In 1970, he turned as a British citizen.


Early Life and Education

Scott Walker was born in 1943 and his place of birth is in Hamilton, Ohio, the United States of America. He was born to the parents named Elizabeth Marie (mother) and Noel Walter Engel (father). His mother is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada whereas his father used to work in an oil industry manager. Because of his father’s profession, he traveled with his family in several places. From an early age, Scott was interested in both music and performances.


Career and Professional Life

Scott initially started his career by appearing on Fisher’s TV series and also went for recording numbers of songs. He later became interested in progressive jazz of Stan Kenton and Bill Evans. Although he was a teenager, he used to get session work in Los Angeles and was an expert in playing bass guitar. He played for The Routers and later formed a band Judy and the Gents with singer John Maus. The duo worked together as The Walker Brothers, in their early years. John and Scott later welcomed drummer Gary Leeds on their group who was the son of their financer of the trio’s first trip to the United Kingdom.

The trio became successful in formulating a handsome familial image. At first, John used to perform as the main lead singer and guitarist whereas Gary played drums and Scott appeared playing bass guitar and mostly used to sing harmony vocals. The bad made their appearance on numerous television shows like Hollywood A Go-Go.

Scott has also earned good fame from his solo career. Walker has enjoyed huge success from his hit albums like Scott, Scott 2, Scott 3, and Scott: Scott Walker Sings Songs from his TV Series which were released in 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1969 respectively. All of his albums performed well in the British charts among which, Scott 2 reached the top of the British Chart.


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After the split, The Walker Brothers reunited back in 1975 and this unification made the creation of further thee albums. After ten years, Scott released his first solo album in 1984. Under the direction of Nick Cave, Scott recorded the song I Threw It All Away by Bob Dylan. In 11 years, he released his new album The Drift on May 8, 2006. The album was one of the hits of 2006 and earned the Metacritic score of 85. His fourteenth studio album Bish Bosch was released in 2012.


Personal Life

Scott Walker is at the age of 70’s and has garnered a roster of followers from his long successful professional life. Therefore, his personal details are a matter of curiosity to the public. He was married to his wife Mette Teglbjaerg in 1972. They have a beautiful daughter together.


Body Measurements

Scott has a tall height which has supported him to make a strong appearance in the stage while performing. However, the exact body statistics of theAmerican singer is not available. His diet, nutrition, workout and other fitness plan are not revealed.


Salary and Net worth

The net worth garnered by American singer Scott Walker is still under review. He has made a great fortune from his hit albums and earnings from his stage performances. He is active in the industry since 1958.


Wiki and Facts

One can find Scott’s biography on numerous wiki sites including Wikipedia and IMDb. You can join him on Facebook @scottengelwalker where he has been followed by over 18k followers.

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