Is Zak Bagans Married? His Bio, Age, Wife, Parents and Net worth

Is Zak Bagans married? No, he isn’t. It is quite crystal clear about his relationship and love life details. Previously, he was into a relationship with a lady named Christine Dolce. They were together in 2013 but couldn’t carry their relationship to the next level. His girlfriend Christine Dolce died on February 6, 2017, and the reason behind her death is said to be liver failure.

Possibly, Zak is single as of now as he has not been spotted dating with anyone else in the public. Regarding his sexual orientation, he is straight which is proven from his past relationship stories. Scroll down to explore more interesting facts about Bagans’s bio below:


Who is Zak Bagans?

Zak Bagans is an American paranormal investigator, television personality, actor and author as well. He is best known for being the principal host of the Travel Channel series entitled Ghost Adventures. The real name of this American television personality is Zachary Alexander Bagans. Bagans currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America.


Early Life and Education

Bagans was born on April 5, 1977, and his place of birth is in Washington, D.C., the U.S.  Regarding his education and academic achievements, he attended Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and completed his graduation in 1995. from there in 1995. He also attended Western Michigan University but dropped out of the University in order to focus his studies at Michigan based Motion Picture Institute (MPI). He was fond of filmmaking from his early days and used to spend hours of his time watching celebrities and their movies. After receiving his degree from Motion Picture Institute, he moved to the land of Hollywood i.e. Los Angeles.


Bagans’s Age

Considering his date of birth, Zak is currently at the age of 33 years old as of 2020. Zak’s birthday (April 5) reveals his zodiac sign to be Aries.


Bagans’s Parents

The American television personality was born to the parents belonging to the middle-class family. He is the son of Nancy Knapp (mother) and her husband. His mother is an Interior Designer by profession but the information regarding his father is still missing. Zak is the second child to his parents. Zak Bagans experienced the separation of his parents who divorced when he was too young. After the divorce, his mother married another man to man with whom she became the mother to two other children named Sky and Phil. Zak has an elder sister named Meredith.


Career and Professional Life

The professional life of Zak got initiated after moving to Las Angeles. Initially, Zak was a skeptic but one of the incidents in his life changed his entire life. He had an encounter with the spirit of a woman who committed suicide and from that day onwards, Zak was never the same. He became eager to work over the supernatural aspects of human life and this desire made him develop a documentary-style film named ‘Ghost Adventures’.

Zak produced Ghost Adventures by teaming with Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin in 2004. Ghost Adventures is one of the popular American television series which is about the paranormal. It was premiered on The Travel Channel on October 17, 2008. Zak is responsible for introducing and narrating the show. After four years, Zak and his crew members allegedly stayed the night in Bobby Mackey’s Music World where Zak even claimed that he had some mysterious scratch marks on his back.

Zak has received many criticisms for the aggressive and confrontational methods by some paranormal enthusiasts which Zak used during his investigations.

Zak became the host for a concurrent spin-off program named Paranormal Challenge in 2011 and also worked for the Travel Channel. He has also contributed as paranormal personality Dave Schrader and served as a radio talk show host. He appeared as the narrator and host of “Ultimate Travel: Legends of the Park” which aired on Travel Channel. The show provides the detail of America’s National Parks.

In addition to his television and radio works, Zak has also co-authored a book named Dark World with author Kelly Crigger. The book reached at No. 18 of The New York Times Best Seller list on September 23, 2011. He also appeared in music collaboration with Lords of Acid for the song entitled “Paranormal Energy” in 2012.

The same year, he was the part of an album titled Necrofusion with Praga Khan. He turned as the producer of the reality show entitled Paranormal Paparazzi which premiered on September 28, 2012. He also presented Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks in March 2014 which got premiered in April 2014. The show was mainly focused on people’s life changes because of the haunted places.


Zak Bagans premiered a new show entitled Deadly Possessions on April 2, 2016, which aired on the Travel Channel and featured his Las Vegas, Nevada based museum.


Personal Life

Zak Bagans is not married and is living a single life in Las Vegas. There is no one in his life as a wife/ girlfriend at the moment and this might be a golden opportunity for the girls having crush upon him. Rumors say that Zak has a daughter but this isn’t true. He is mainly concentrated on his works and allocates only a few times for his personal and family life.

Earlier, he was romantically linked with his former girlfriend named Christine Dolce. Their relationship couldn’t work longer and thus the couple decided to split. According to some online media, it was Zak who proposed his girlfriend first for the relationship. As per some wiki sites, he had also encountered a romantic relationship with a lady who is now with Marcy DeLaTorre. But this fact has never been confirmed by Zak.


Body Measurements

The American investigator Zak stands at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch which makes him of a tall height in the industry. Further, Zak weighs about 80 kilograms which are said to be perfectly balanced according to his height. With hazel eyes and dark brown colored hair, the American investigator possesses an adorable personality. Seeing his fitness and amazing physique, one can easily predict that Zak is under the planned diet and workout activities.


Salary and Net worth

Zak Bagans has an estimated net worth of 5 million USD. He is involved in multi-profession and thus is generating his income from multiple sources. Zak is a Paranormal investigator, television personality, host, radio personality, author and producer as well. He is quite successful in accumulating an impressive amount of net worth from his successful professional life.


Wiki and Facts

Various demanded wiki sites including Wikipedia, IMDb and some other popular celebrity websites have presented paranormal investigator Zak Bagans’s biography. He is available on Twitter @zak_bagans where Zak has retained more than 935k followers as of now. Earlier he wasn’t available on Instagram and once he twitted about it on 10 July 2012. However, he is now on Instagram and is reachable @realzakbagans where Zak is followed by more than 473k people.

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  1. I love Zak Bagans’s Show Ghost Adventures. It is very interesting and spooky. I feel sorry for Aaron sometimes cause Zak always has him going into the darkest and creepy places by himself. I enjoyed the article.

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